finance for farmers

Have you noticed that in recent times, the share of agriculture to India’s GDP has reduced? The current share of agriculture to India’s GDP is around 14 per cent in 2012-13, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO). This has reduced considerably over the past eight years. With the need to reach the masses across the country, RBI has moved beyond reaching out to banks and […]


It doesn’t matter how responsible you’ve been with money. Life can take a sharp turn, and without warning, you might be unable to pay your home loan, auto loan and other bills. Maybe you lost your job and had to accept employment with less pay. A divorce can also have a major impact on finances, and if you were injured in an auto accident or […]

home loan

Signing mortgage documents and getting the keys to your new home is a major accomplishment. Maybe you took a second job or cut extra spending in order to save cash for your down payment and closing costs. And if you had a low FICO score, you may have employed every credit trick in the book to raise your personal rating and qualify for a mortgage. […]


Who doesn’t enjoy a big shopping trip? This can be your opportunity to buy a few things for the house, update your wardrobe or rack up from an end-of-the-season sale. For many, shopping is something they do a few times a year, and these people can often window shop and walk out the mall empty-handed. But for others, shopping is a real problem that takes […]

girl and money

There is a buzz  on the inter webs concerning discover student loans. The cost of college is rising across the nation, and for many college-bound students, a student loan is the only way to achieve a higher education. Sure, some students work and pay their own way through school or rely on financial help from parents. But for many college students, this simply isn’t an option. Federal […]

green piggy bank

Who doesn’t want a bigger savings account? With more money in the bank, you can take more vacations, pay off debt, make home improvements and even purchase a house. Unfortunately, saving money is easier easier said than done. Many people have good intentions, but when it comes to actually saving, they drop the ball. It’s not entirely their fault. Nothing in this world is designed to make […]

As teenagers approach adulthood, many parents see this as the perfect time to teach responsible money habits. They might open a bank account for their teens, or require that their teenagers get a part-time job. Both actions can teach kids the value of money, as well as teach them how to budget and save. Along with this financial education, some parents toy with whether to […]

engagement ring

Getting engaged is an exciting time in your life, and like most couples, you may shout this news from the rooftop. Several things have to be discussed as you plan your upcoming nuptials. When will you get married? Where will you live? Will you have a big or small wedding? Who will pay the wedding expenses? If you’re fortunate enough, your parents may jump in and […]

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After deciding to sell your house, there is no way to predict how long it’ll take to find a buyer. Some houses are snatched up in a matter of weeks, while other houses sit on the market for six months or longer. A realtor can help speed the sale of your home. But if you don’t have a lot of equity, you might take a […]

kill mortgage closing

After a home seller accepts your bid and a mortgage lender approves your home loan application, you might jump for joy and prepare your mind for ownership. But while everything may seem to fall into place, the process isn’t complete until you sign the mortgage documents and take possession of your keys. It’s no surprise that mortgage lenders review income and credit before approving a […]