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A 20-year marketing veteran, Susan Gunelius is President and CEO of KeySplash Creative, Inc. (, a marketing communications company. She is the author of numerous marketing books, including the highly popular "Content Marketing for Dummies" and "30-Minute Social Media Marketing." Susan writes about marketing for Forbes and She is also the founder of, an award-winning blog for women in business.
monkeys telling secrets

Landing pages are meant to do one thing–motivate people to take a specific action. However, many landing pages aren’t designed to maximize action and conversions. In fact, many businesses and organizations don’t even bother to create landing pages. Instead, they lead all visitors from their online ads, email marketing, and so on to the company’s home page. That’s a big mistake, and it will significantly […]

Find Local Connections and Businesses on Google+

The Google+ member community has grown to include hundreds of millions of people, but there isn’t a perfect way to find local connections and businesses on Google+ yet. That means you need to work a bit harder to find those local connections than you do when you use social networking tools like Facebook and LinkedIn. Despite the fact that Google is the leading search engine, […]


Adding a cover photo to your Facebook Page is a great way to boost visual impact and get noticed. Before you run off and upload your favorite photo to your Facebook Page, there are some things you need to know. There are specific Facebook cover photo rules you must follow or your Page could get flagged and removed from Facebook.That’s a risk you don’t want […]


Whether you’re a child or an adult, there are free mobile game apps that start out as fun diversions but quickly turn into full-fledged, impossible-to-break addictions. You might laugh at others who just can’t break their Angry Birds habit (included in the list below of course), but once you try it, you’ll find that you can’t stop trying to go just one more level. Many […]

banned jargon

Jargon is used in every industry and profession, and business jargon ranks as one of the most commonly used forms of jargon. These over-used terms add little to the speaker’s statements, can be distracting, and are often grammatically incorrect. Furthermore, numerous research studies have found that business jargon makes people think you’re lying and that using complex language in place of simple language makes other […]

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Aside from not doing your job, there are many ways you can guarantee that you’ll get fired from your job. Few people like every aspect of their jobs, and it’s highly likely that throughout your career, you’ll be asked to perform tasks and work with people you don’ t like. However, you’re being paid to do a job, and it’s your responsibility (as long as […]


Recruiters are often hired by seasoned professionals seeking management and executive roles or specialized roles in technology, science, and engineering. The recruiters are either paid on a retainer basis, which the job candidate pays, or they’re paid a predetermined amount by the employer. Either way, there are specific things you can do to ensure your experience working with a recruiter to find your next job […]

Never Say

If you want to make your boss angry, guarantee that you won’t get promoted, or get fired, then use one of the 10 phrases described below when you’re talking to her. If you want to keep your job and position yourself for positive reviews that lead to promotions, make sure you never use these phrases in any of your communications with your direct boss or […]


LinkedIn is the best social network for professionals to build relationships, find jobs, and recruit talent. For the vast majority of LinkedIn members, the free Basic LinkedIn account offers all of the features they need, but for some members, a paid account makes sense. Is a Premium LinkedIn account that comes with a monthly fee right for you? The answer depends on your reasons for […]

before job interview

You’ve landed a job interview, but you don’t have a job yet. There is still a lot of work to be done to convince the hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job and the company. That’s where the interview comes into the picture, and you need to be prepared to stand out in yours. Don’t skip job interview preparation, or you’ll end […]