Katie Morris

Contributing Writer at Life'd.com
A strategy consultant by day, Katie Morris uses recipe development, food writing, and food photography for her blog, Katie At The Kitchen Door, and other online publications as a creative escape. When not dreaming up new ways to incorporate bacon and chocolate into every meal, she spends her time running, practicing ballet, and gardening with her wannabe-farmer boyfriend. Based in Boston, she's a New England girl through and through, and is always looking for new places to explore.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, spring has arrived. Depending on where you live, you might be flooded with peas, asparagus, and strawberries, and already looking forward to stone fruits and corn on the cob, or you might be watching the thermometer hover around 50° and longing for something besides radishes to show up at the farmer’s market. The anticipation that comes along […]

spring brunch recipes

While fall is perfect for cozy nighttime dinner parties with plenty of hot spiked cider and big bowls of steaming stew, and summer is made for casual evenings sitting around the grill with a cold one as the dusk gathers, spring and brunch seem made for one another. While obviously brunch is a great meal anytime of year, the warm sunny mornings, sudden abundance of […]


Everyone knows how delicious a cold beer is with a juicy burger or a plate of nachos. But have you ever considered what might happen if you used the beer to actually make the very same burger or nachos? Just think – a half cup of Guinness added to your burger patties or a bit of light ale in the queso on your chips and you could […]


Valentine’s Day is a very strategically timed holiday. Right when winter is starting to seem really long, along comes this nice little day which, regardless of your relationship status, gives you an excuse to do at least one of the following things: 1) get dressed up and go out to a nice dinner; 2) jet off for a romantic tropical getaway; 3) send cheesy cards to […]

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No matter how you might try to get around it with fad diets and cleanses, eating more raw vegetables is one of the very best ways to improve your health and diet. And, like it or not, leafy green salads are probably the fastest and easiest ways to consume your veggies. But salads consisting only of an anemic pile of greens and low-fat dressing are […]

Lentil, Mushroom and Spinach Salad

We’ve made it to 2013! Meaning that it’s time to start working on those resolutions, at least until your willpower gives out. We all know that some of the most common resolutions each year are related to health and fitness, with gyms getting swamped and kitchens being emptied of junk food every January. If you’re among the masses resolved to whip yourself into shape this […]

Holiday Trifle

If you’re still looking for a show-stopping dessert to bring to the last few holiday parties of the season, consider trifle, an elegant dessert made from layers of sponge cake, fruit preserves, custard, and whipped cream. I’ll always love the version my mom makes – store-bought angel food cake, instant vanilla pudding, and Polaner’s all-natural raspberry jam – but this season I thought I’d up the […]

Savory Mushroom and Goat Cheese Crepes

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and the streets are already decked out with holiday lights and decorations. But before we get into the thick of office cocktail parties and Christmas cookie swaps and all the other indulgent events of December, it might be wise to use the next week or two as a sort of detox. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting any salad-only menus or […]

Smoky Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

While a hot cup of beef chili smothered in cheddar cheese can be just the thing on a cold fall day, a good vegetarian chili can be equally as hearty and delicious – and a lot healthier. After seeing this tasty looking chili from Cookie and Kate a few months ago, I knew I had to come up with my own version. Several batches later, I have […]