22 Common Food Products That Are Killing You Slowly But Surely


1. Apples

Image source: www.vivienveil.com

This is not a Snow White or Adam and Eve joke. We live in a time when even fruit is dangerous to eat—because of pesticides. If you don’t spend a little extra on organic, the cash you save will get you residual pesticides you can’t easily wash off or peel away. 99% of apples tested in the U.S. contained the residue of at least one type of pesticide. A recent study found these pesticides can damage the brain, damage the nervous system and lead to cancer…among other undesirable effects. Some other fruits that contain pesticides are peaches, nectarines, cherry tomatoes and strawberries.




2. Agave Nectar

Image source: www.bembu.com

The alcoholic drink, tequila, is made from agave. But te-kill-ya, as it’s known, isn’t as dangerous as the sweetener that’s also derived from this plant common to Mexico and South America. Agave nectar is used as a natural sweetener and a “healthy” alternative to sugar. But it’s packed with unhealthy fructose that flies under the radar of the glycemic red flags and also tricks the body into continuing to feel hungry after consuming it. What do you do? You eat more. Trends seem to point to a relationship between intake of fructose and obesity, and obesity can lead to a slew of health problems including heart disease and diabetes. Agave is not the way to sweeten anything.