14 Must-Have Powerful Productivity Apps for Your iPad

Introduced in 2010, the iPad has quickly taken the world by storm. The 4th generation iPad is a powerful machine, sporting the super bright Retina Display, speedy Apple A6X chip and a lot more. With over 250,000 iPad specific apps, your iPad can now do so much more. This list can give you some ideas…

Note Apps & Mind-Mapping
1.Paper (Free)
Your best idea can hit you when you’re unprepared.
Paper helps you capture your ideas. You can then turn them into graphics or notes and instantly share them with your friends online. Paper is simple and intuitive, just like your good old notebook or journal. The app is Retina-display ready and includes the free Draw module. Other modules – Sketch, Write, Outline & Color are paid options.
2.Sticky Notes (Free)
If you’re like me, you’ve got a bunch of sticky notes cluttering your desk. With Sticky Notes you can wave good bye to those old school paper reminders. Harnessing the power and customizability of the iPad, Sticky Notes creates a smooth note taking experience. It boasts multitouch, multiple color notes, Twitter & email integration and lots more. Sticky Notes is continuously updated and improved.
3.iThoughtsHD ($9.99)
One of the best ways to visually organize your thoughts, ideas and information is mind-mapping. iThoughtsHD is a flexible and usable mind-mapping tool that only gets better each update. iThoughtsHD supports task management, importing from and exporting to popular desktop applications like MyThoughts, Freemind and MindManager. It plays nicely with other cloud services such as Dropbox and Box.

Administration, Documents & Utilities
4.GoodReader ($4.99)
“A Swiss Army knife of awesome” (Mashable)
GoodReader is a powerful, super-robust PDF reader for the iPad. With this app you can read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, maps, pictures. GoodReader can handle huge PDF and TXT files and renderings of 100mb and more, fast. You can also annotate PDFs, using typewriter text boxes, popup comments etc. Files and folders can be shared and synced over cloud services like Dropbox, SkyDrive and SugarSync.
5.Save2PDF ($5.99)
The iPad is great for reading PDFs and other documents. But what happens when you want to create PDFs? With Save2PDF you can easily do that on your iPad, without a computer! You can view, convert and merge common file formats like Microsoft Office files, photos, PDFs and many more formats. Save2PDF also creates PDFs from other apps and offers fully functional printing and cloud integration.
6.PrintCentral ($8.99)
You use your iPad to surf the web, create documents and more. But printing is still such headache…
PrintCentral is an iPad printing utility, and then some. It can print almost anything from anywhere. You can print directly to most WiFi/Wireless printers or remotely over 3G/4G, without additional software. PrintCentral also offers advanced email and cloud integration.
7.Air Display ($9.99)
“Have you ever looked at your iPad and thought, ‘That would make a great second monitor for my computer!’?” (Wall Street Journal)
Air Display turns your iPad into a wireless display, to extend or mirror your computer screen. With some apps, such as calculators and painting tools, you can use Air Display as a tablet input device. The app is very responsive, supports Retina displays, portrait & landscape configurations and works with Mac and Windows.
8.OfficeTime (Free)
Whether you’re a freelancer or having a part time project, OfficeTime can help you capture your hours and expenses, effortlessly. This tool balances features and ease of use, making it useful and intuitive. With various features such as multiple hourly rates, offline mode and multiple timers, it is designed for freelancers and small teams alike. The paid version offers additional features.
9.Downloads Lite (Free)
Downloads Lite is a fully featured download manager for the iPad. Downloaded files can be viewed or played on your iPad or transferred to your computer. Features include tabbed browsing with history support and integrated Google search, fast download, offline viewing, audio & video player and a lot more. Download Lite free can only store up to seven files. Upgrading to the full version will remove this limitation.

Browsers, Magazines & News Readers
10.Atomic Web Browser ($1.99)
One of the most advanced and customizable web browsers, Atomic Web Browser offers desktop features such as Adblock, multitouch Gestures, Facebook/Twitter integration and lots more. On full screen mode you can add buttons for 30 different functions and control transparency. Other options include tabbed browsing and Passcode Lock.
11.Flipboard (Free)
Flipboard is a social news magazine. This convenient app can replace most of your favorite news and social sites by turning them into an elegant, personalized digital magazine. Easily flip through its pages and read about anything shared across the web, from breaking news to sports, travel and other stories. Instagram and Flickr photos will look beautifully next to Facebook and Twitter articles your friends are sharing.
12.Feedly (Free)
Feedly is a fast and stylish RSS news reader. Save time by accessing your favorite blogs, news sites and YouTube channels all in one place. The app design is aesthetic and your websites are displayed as beautiful, easy to read cards. Articles are easily shared on social networks and sync works flawlessly across computers and devices. Feedly receives frequent updates.

13.Unstuck (Free)
Stuck in life?
Whether it’s your relationship, job, diet or anything else blocking you, Unstuck is here for the rescue! This free app offers personalized digital tools and community to help you remove the blocks. Through a series of intelligent quizzes, Unstuck diagnoses what’s going on in your life. It then identifies what type of stuck moment you’re having and gives you tried and true tips for getting unstuck.
14.Priority Matrix ($3.99)
“Shall I take the new evening course?
Prepare tomorrow’s dinner party?
Or… go for a swim?”
Priority Matrix helps you manage your priorities using proven time management methodologies. It lets you know what tasks need to be done today and this week. It is a flexible, intuitive app that helps you visualize your priorities graphically and reduce information overload. Also supported are recurring tasks, free cloud sync with other devices & Mac/PC as well as Twitter integration.