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Landing pages are meant to do one thing–motivate people to take a specific action. However, many landing pages aren’t designed to maximize action and conversions. In fact, many businesses and organizations don’t even bother to create landing pages. Instead, they lead all visitors from their online ads, email marketing, and so on to the company’s home page. That’s a big mistake, and it will significantly […]

Find Local Connections and Businesses on Google+

The Google+ member community has grown to include hundreds of millions of people, but there isn’t a perfect way to find local connections and businesses on Google+ yet. That means you need to work a bit harder to find those local connections than you do when you use social networking tools like Facebook and LinkedIn. Despite the fact that Google is the leading search engine, […]


Got Wanderlust? Indeed, most people love traveling. While snapping your finger and getting to your favorite holiday destination is not always an option, Tumblr’s travel blogs are just a few clicks away. Due to Tumblr’s photo-centric nature, these blogs are a true visual feast. Now put some world music on and start your dream journey… Original Photography Travel Tumblogs 1.Freddie J. Ardley Photography 21 years […]

delicious food blogs

As Internet giant Yahoo Buys Tumblr in a $1.1 billion deal, there’s no better time to get familiar with this amazing blogging network. As much as Tumblr is massive its content is virtually unknown to many of us. To kick it off, here are 12 food tumblogs that will make your mouth water… Home Cooking & Recipes 1. Jittery Cook Jittery Cook is a skimmed down […]


Adding a cover photo to your Facebook Page is a great way to boost visual impact and get noticed. Before you run off and upload your favorite photo to your Facebook Page, there are some things you need to know. There are specific Facebook cover photo rules you must follow or your Page could get flagged and removed from Facebook.That’s a risk you don’t want […]

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What turns a normal video into a viral video? Does it have to be funny, eccentric, engaging, or all of the above? Out of the 7 most watched YouTube Videos of all time, only one is an amateur video. All the rest are professionally produced Vevo music videos by popular artists. Even if you don’t like all of these YouTube videos, it’s pretty hard to […]


Whether you’re a child or an adult, there are free mobile game apps that start out as fun diversions but quickly turn into full-fledged, impossible-to-break addictions. You might laugh at others who just can’t break their Angry Birds habit (included in the list below of course), but once you try it, you’ll find that you can’t stop trying to go just one more level. Many […]


LinkedIn is the best social network for professionals to build relationships, find jobs, and recruit talent. For the vast majority of LinkedIn members, the free Basic LinkedIn account offers all of the features they need, but for some members, a paid account makes sense. Is a Premium LinkedIn account that comes with a monthly fee right for you? The answer depends on your reasons for […]

web hosts

Is it time to break up with your web host? It’s scary to end any relationship, and ending your relationship with your web host is not an exception.   Not only is it a hassle to switch web hosts, but it’s also risky. If you don’t really know what you’re doing and don’t get the help you need, switching web hosts can negatively affect your […]

breaking the bank

Explainer videos are extremely popular these days, but they’re not cheap. A 60-second explainer video created by a provider that specializes in creating animated videos for companies, brands, and websites can cost you anywhere from several thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the features, customizations, and provider you choose. An explainer video should be short, entertaining, and easy to understand. […]