LinkedIn is the best social network for professionals to build relationships, find jobs, and recruit talent. For the vast majority of LinkedIn members, the free Basic LinkedIn account offers all of the features they need, but for some members, a paid account makes sense. Is a Premium LinkedIn account that comes with a monthly fee right for you? The answer depends on your reasons for […]

before job interview

You’ve landed a job interview, but you don’t have a job yet. There is still a lot of work to be done to convince the hiring manager that you’re the right person for the job and the company. That’s where the interview comes into the picture, and you need to be prepared to stand out in yours. Don’t skip job interview preparation, or you’ll end […]


Your resume is the first thing a company sees as an introduction to you. That means your resume needs to be amazing or hiring managers won’t give it more than a quick glance. Hiring managers receive many resumes for every job opening, and large companies might get hundreds or thousands of resumes in response to a single job opening. Your resume needs to instantly grab […]


Do you have the skills you need to be your own publicist? Whether you’re a small business owner or you’re looking for a new job, you need to be able to effectively promote yourself to a target audience. Unfortunately, for many people, self-promotion does not come naturally. Publicists wear many hats, and you need to feel comfortable in all of them in order to be […]


Did you know that if you have a full-time job, you spend at least 50% of your waking hours at work? That doesn’t even include commuting to work, thinking about work, and stressing about work. Kind of depressing, isn’t it? Now, think about your coworkers. You spend a good chunk of your day with these people. How do you feel about that? Are you okay […]

job interview

Did you know that the steps you take immediately after a job interview can make or break your chances of getting an offer? Regardless of how well you performed during the interview, your actions following that interview are critical parts of your job search. Unfortunately, most job seekers don’t spend enough time polishing their job interview follow-up skills and end up making big mistakes. Instead, […]

online business

So you want to make money online, huh? We bet you’ve seen those ads and sales pages, promising you the moon. All you need to do is to buy this magical software and your life won’t be the same ever again. The good news is that yes, you can earn money online. The bad news is that you’ll have to work hard before you become […]


How do you make a resume for the digital world that gets noticed and helps you get a job? Digital resumes are not the same as traditional resumes, but they are just as important today. The majority of hiring managers are turning to social media to find job candidates and research potential employees, and you need a digital resume that effectively sells your skills and […]

Open Door

Writing an amazing cover letter is a great way to stand out in the pile of resumes and cover letters that a hiring manager receives. One resume can start to look like the next after a hiring manager has reviewed a couple dozen, and that’s when a well-crafted cover letter can help you land a job interview. Never underestimate the need to write a compelling […]

new job2

When you start a new job, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There is so much to learn–from policies and procedures to personalities and behaviors–that new employees often don’t know where to begin. Too frequently, employers don’t offer adequate on-boarding training, and new employees are left floundering, making mistakes, and wasting time. You can avoid being one of those confused new employees by preparing in advance, […]