Leaving Your Job Better Than You Found It

The last six years have been pretty rough for the job market, so if you’re among the few movers and shakers who are actually heading up the ladder instead of falling off it, then you probably have a good handle on professionalism and what it can mean to your future. You know that even if you’re leaving a job, it’s good practice not to burn […]

Writing Career: Why It's The Suckiest, Most Rewarding Profession

Want a writing career? There are some things you’ll need to know before you set out down this path. First, some good news. I’ve been doing it full-time for six years, and am by no means a great writer. Translation: you don’t have to be to earn a living. Now the bad news: despite the opportunities available, very few make it in this business. (And […]

Curriculum Theories

 The curriculum is an integral part of any type of modern education system. Various educationists have come up with varied approaches towards curriculum but one thing they all agree on is that education has to be planned, from how and what students learn in a classroom, within a district, state and in the whole country. In spite of the many theories, all curriculum and instruction […]

bakery_decision_How to Choose the Perfect Career

Remember the “good ‘ole days” when you were young? Remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Maybe it was an astronaut. Maybe it was a teacher, lawyer, or veterinarian. And what are you doing now? Chances are that it’s not exactly what you had planned as a kid. And if it is, then here’s a huge bag of kudos and touche for […]

banned jargon

Jargon is used in every industry and profession, and business jargon ranks as one of the most commonly used forms of jargon. These over-used terms add little to the speaker’s statements, can be distracting, and are often grammatically incorrect. Furthermore, numerous research studies have found that business jargon makes people think you’re lying and that using complex language in place of simple language makes other […]

depressed dog

Aside from not doing your job, there are many ways you can guarantee that you’ll get fired from your job. Few people like every aspect of their jobs, and it’s highly likely that throughout your career, you’ll be asked to perform tasks and work with people you don’ t like. However, you’re being paid to do a job, and it’s your responsibility (as long as […]


Recruiters are often hired by seasoned professionals seeking management and executive roles or specialized roles in technology, science, and engineering. The recruiters are either paid on a retainer basis, which the job candidate pays, or they’re paid a predetermined amount by the employer. Either way, there are specific things you can do to ensure your experience working with a recruiter to find your next job […]

underwood typewriter

Content is the bloodline of the Internet. Blogs and websites are in constant demand for fresh, valuable content to attract new readers. If you have chosen to pursue a freelance writing career, the following tips will get you up to speed… 1.Always Carry a Pen and a Pad Ideas are fickle and you never know when inspiration will hit you. As a writer, you need […]

balancing on chair

For many, attaining that seemingly elusive balance between their job or career and personal lives seems like, at best, borrowing a miracle off on the horizon. Kids get sick. Those complicated presentations? Well, they’re due tomorrow morning. The spouse or significant other is griping about you never having enough time for them. Seems like it’s an unmerciful, perpetual cycle, no? According to a recent study […]

Never Say

If you want to make your boss angry, guarantee that you won’t get promoted, or get fired, then use one of the 10 phrases described below when you’re talking to her. If you want to keep your job and position yourself for positive reviews that lead to promotions, make sure you never use these phrases in any of your communications with your direct boss or […]