Bucket List: 225 Things to Do Before You Die

196. Explore the Paleolithic Cave Art in Altamira

Painting of a bison in the cave of AltamiraMany folks dub the paleolithic cave art in Altamira, Spain the “Sistine chapel of Paleolithic art”. These ancient caves bear what is thought to be the earliest-known drawings and pictures in recorded history, said to date back to (as far as) 16,000 years ago. And they weren’t even discovered until relatively recently when a tree fell on the boulders that blocked the entrance, causing the rocks to tumble and a centuries-lost cave to reveal itself.

But wouldn’t you know it? The cave is, after being accessible to tourists for years, now off-limits to the public. Officials claim that it’s to preserve the drawings from future degradation (We just can’t have anything nice, can we?!), but also say that it may reopen one day to a limited number of people/tourists. So get on the waiting list!

197. Wander Through the Shops of Akihabara

Akihabara shopsAkihabara, a.k.a. ‘Akihabara Electric Town’ (‘Akibaa’ locally), is one of the many gadget store-havens and districts of Tokyo; and Tokyo’s metro area is, by the way, the largest on Earth with nearly 35-million residents. Situated adjacent Tokyo Station, Akihabara claims home to an entire smorgasbord of shops—from the back-alley peddlers, to the high-class department stores (e.g. Laox)—which sell everything from PC parts and cell phones, to otaku goods, digital cameras, electrical parts, anime paraphernalia, and the latest in TV tech. In other words, it’s a tech geek’s paradise…

198. Go on a Dinner Sleigh Ride in Frisco, Colorado

Two Below Zero dinner sleigh rideOpened in 1983 in Summit County, Colorado, the Frisco, Colorado-based Winter Dinner Sleigh Rides/Two Below Zero offers “traditional, turn-of-the-century sleigh and wagon rides.” Included is a charming sleigh ride through various, pine tree-covered mountains that whisks guests to a remote diner in the woods, where hot, homemade meals await them. Two Below Zero was even dubbed the No.1 event by Samantha Brown on her Great Weekends-Colorado show (via the Travel Channel). Make sure to call ahead, though! They only cater to parties with reservations.

199. Eat at Tom Wahls in Avon, NY

Tom Wahls in Avon, NYGrab some old fashioned, 100% American grub and experience (or even relive) the mid-1950s restaurant scene at the original Tom Wahls of Avon, NY (upstate New York). The retro diner serves up yummy burgers, crispy fries, an ice cream selection that would rival any Baskin Robins, and its iconic, “handcrafted” rootbeer; completing the retro-fabulous experience is non-stop 50’s music and very era-symbolic decor and furnishings. Among several other recognitions and accalades, USA Today proclaimed it the home of the best burger in the entire state.

200. Acquire Persuasion Skills

Closing a sale
Let’s face it: Only people with, at the very least, decent persuasion skills really ever “go anywhere” in life. Everyone else ends up working the same old, monotonous 9-5 grind, being up to their necks in bills, and praying for retirement one day. Don’t be one of the latter. Obtain authentic, powerful persuasion skills by (but defintely not limited to):

  • Learning to speak with total confidence and poise to both individuals and (sometimes very large) audiences.
  • Learning how to argue effectively and productively.
  • Finding rapport between yourself and the person/people you’re trying to convince.
  • Knowing when to ‘strike’; ideally, subtly unleash your argument in a charismatic and confident manner, when the other party is most relaxed.
  • Maximize the benefits of your argument, but never disparage the other party’s concerns.
  • Make little to no reference as to how you, personally, will benefit from winning over the other party.
  • Make no demands; wear a genuine, confident, friendly smile; ask for (and always be open to) the other party’s input and opinions, how they feel about about both sides of the issue.

201. Visit Toys ‘R’ Us Times Square

Ferris wheel in Toys "R" UsYou won’t wanna miss out on this one, particularly if you have kids. It’s no Disney World, but Toys ‘R’ Us Times Square touts itself ‘one of the largest toy stores worldwide’ and sprawls some 110,000 square feet. Attractions include a 60ft Ferris wheel, a life-sized T-Rex dinosaur (that loudly roars at passersby), Jurassic Park department, Lego Store, and virtually any young girl’s biggest fantasy—a 4,000 sq.-ft. Barbie dollhouse. And that’s just barely scratching the surface. Additionally, the behemoth Times Square T-‘R’-Us boasts large, interactive “play areas”, boutiques that showcase the world’s hottest, most culturally diverse, and cutting-edge toys in the world.

202. Build a Bonfire and Make S’mores

S'more in front of fire
It’s not quite like touring Rome or sunbathing in Bora Bora; it is, however, one of life’s small pleasures, especially done with good friends and family. Choose an especially dark night, establish camp somewhere remote (or even in your backyard), start a fire and hand out the marshmellows for roasting (and too often, burning). Sit back and enjoy the good company, chirping crickets, crackling fire, and freedom from life’s frequent annoyances.

203. Trek on the Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier Experience the Los Glaciares National Park, situated in the Santa Cruz province of southern Argentina. One of the most important attractions in all of the Argentine/Chilean Patagonia (the southern leg of the Andes mountains in southern South America), the a 97 sq.-mi., 19-mile long Perito Moreno glacier stands like a behemoth ice sculpture amongst the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Popular tours offered include the ‘mini-trekking’ tour (an around one-to-two hour walk around the perimeter of the glacier), and ‘big ice’, a longer, more in-depth tour of around five hours. Either way, remember that most of the local tour companies provide crampons to customers free of (additional) charge.

204. Read At Least Five Books From Modern Library’s Best Novels List

Novel and cup of tea on table Possibly to your dismay (or your immense relief at the prospect of some respite, one!), this bucket list item requires of you to find an uber-quiet, comfortable place. Timeless, even legendary pieces of literature from the Modern Library’s “100 Best Novels”—such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Catch-22, Ulysses, As I Lay Dying (Faulkner), Brave New World (Huxley), The Sun Also Rises (Hemingway), Lord of the Flies, and One Lonely Night (to name just a few)—await your curious mind!

205. Go to the World Expo

Singapore pavilion at World Expo 2010
The World Expo (aka ‘World’s Fair’, ‘World Expos’)—an ongoing series of large, public exhibitions put on by many countries (at one central location)—began in 1928 under the collective body of the International Exhibitions Bureau (IEB) as a multinational exposition, where countries from around the globe came to showcase their cultures, scientific achievements and breakthroughs, and causes. Nation branding and intercultural facilitation were (and still are) the Fair’s main tenets. Towards the 21st-century, countries also started building ‘pavilions’ in their architecturally-rendered image and even permanent monuments (e.g. the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Space Needle in Seattle) as embodiments of their peoples and culture. Don’t miss the next one in 2012 at Expo 2012 in Yeosu, South Korea; if you need wee-bit’s further notice, consider the Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy.

206. Take a Photography Class

Wedding photography class
Fact: Most people that fancy themselves ‘good photographers’ are actually, well, amateurs. Capturing great, professional-like photos, regardless of the onslaught of successions in photographic-wizardry on cell phones, still requires an actual camera and actual training. In a photography class, you’ll learn all sorts of photographic techniques and principles—from low- and high-key exposure, ‘intent’, and the Rule of Thirds, to ‘negative space’, diagonal lines, and ‘S-curves’. You won’t find any of that goodness in an iPhone manual, now will ya?

207. Perfect a Magic Trick

Magic trick suppliesNot only perform a trick, learn one. These sleight-of-hands can include (but certainly aren’t limited to) coins, cards, handkerchiefs, a rabbit, pigeons, illusions and so forth. Explore a virtually never-ending list here. Use it to entertain the kids, the elderly, or even random strangers. You’ll probably never become the next Houdini, but how invaluable are few good tricks up your sleeves, good for instant entertainment or simply cranking up the charm amongst unsuspecting bystanders?

208. Rescue a Dog/Cat From an Animal Shelter

Dog in crate
We’ve all been subjected to these late-night, tear-jerking (for animal lovers, anyhow) save-a-pet commercials. Before you kick the bucket, make a point to go down to the local pound/animal shelter and adopt a dog or cat—if not for you and/or your family, perhaps for a good friend who needs a companion.

209. Pay for a Strangers Groceries

Grocery shopping
Food is expensive. And, like gas, it keeps getting more expensive: Gotta love hyper-out-of-control inflation. Like one of your previous bucket-list tasks (HINT: No. 132, remember?), this one dictates that you choose a random customer—preferably one inundated with groceries and kids and/or looking a bit ‘run-down’—and let ’em know that their grub is totally on you. You’ll feel great afterwards, and might even receive a round of applause from fellow shoppers!

210. Ride the “X” Train

"X" Train entertainment lounge
Forget cars and planes. The next time you’re looking to travel between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, hop on the luxury “X” Train. Passengers will ride in style while admiring the decked out interior and taking advantage of the sports bar, food & beverage service, and of course, casino tables… because you can never lose your money too early!

  • WakeupList

    Amazing bucketlist! For anyone who wants to make one themselves and keep track of their list, you should try WakeUpList.com – free and simple, and every 90 days it will send you your list in case you forget all about it.

    • Michael Bock

      Thanks for the tip :)

  • gunselibirol

    okay these are all great stuff but you are aware that, most of them ( almost all of them) require money and time.

    • JABacchetta

      Take the list for what it is – entertainment. There are dozens of things here that people have never thought of before, or didn’t even know existed. If you can do just a few of them, great. I’m sure very few actually plan on completing all 225 items on this list. And still others will have their own unique list.

      Besides, isn’t that the whole point of a bucket list, to be ambitious? Imagine a bucket list filled with things like “Go to Walmart”…

      • Michael Bock

        Good point, Jason. (I should really put going to Walmart on my Bucket List as conquering one of my fears! lmao)

  • UltimateSurviv1

    Great ideas! hope we have the time and resources to do at least 3 of these.

    • Michael Bock

      Hopefully more! There are actually several items on the list that require little to no money—but granted, most of them will require a bit of saving (for most people)! :)

  • BronaWard

    bathing in the ganges river will probably shorten your life span so you should probably leave that to you are finished with the others

    • Michael Bock

      LooooL! (actually “laughed out loud” at this)

  • MagensMayhem

    I’m surprised that after reading a list of 225 things to do before you die that “yell for help” didn’t make the cut. lol

    • Michael Bock

      LoL, seems a bit daunting at first, huh?! But no one, even I, would suggest that you even attempt to complete half of the ideas. Just try a few! :)

      • JABacchetta

        Michael, I think she was referring to the actual act of yelling for help… “before you die” :-)

        • Michael Bock

          LoL, I knew that :-P…I think…

  • aniux89

    America is a single continent pff…

    • Michael Bock

      Lmao, you sure about that? Last time I checked, America was was a part of this continent known as ‘North America’–home to over 20 countries (U.S., Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, Guatemala, Canada….) LoL

      • LibStooks

        Actually it’s “The Americas” – both North, South and everything in between.

  • julieakowalski

    “Hang from Toronto’s CN Tower”… terrifying photo. I’d want to do this one after the other 224 because I doubt I’d life to tell about it.

    • Michael Bock

      Naah! You’d be strong! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=578115704 garrickclark

    I’m 21 and have done a few of these things so far, at least. I WILL accomplish most of these before I die!!

    • Michael Bock

      I’m 32 and, well, wish I had such a clearly indomitable will as yourself! Cheers! :)

  • CodeDisQus

    I recently did the Oribi Gorge Jump here in South Africa and the YOLO (sorry) bug bit me. This list is just epic, as a 21 year old student, I’m now inspired to work hard, build up a fortune, retire early and get cracking with most of the things on this list. Thank you TOOO MUCH Micheal Bock, you have truly inspired me :) :)

    P.S. The only time people can legitimately say YOLO is when they are doing things that are on their bucket list :)

    Thanks again dude!

  • Jim Gareau

    So much too do and so little time to do it!!! Better get started finishing my list

  • Jason

    lol I don’t know about the event in the sky. Couple be disasterous

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=620405168 Mary Delia

    Gondola rides are not THAT cheap. You’re looking to pay between 80-110 euros. Trust me I was there not too long ago.

  • LV

    why is there a photo of rene redzepi of noma under the one for best restaurants and then nooo mention of noma?

    • JABacchetta

      Did you read the entry? Click through to the link given and look at #1… Noma.

      • http://www.facebook.com/rasmus.h.sudergaard Rasmus Homann Sudergaard

        Noma is one thing we are very proud of in denmark :) although the food nearly cost a fortune. 2 persons about 3000 kr for a decent meal, or estimated $500!!

  • David

    3 things to do before you die: love & being loved, start your own business and don’t give a fck about what people think of you or the way you live.

    • Steph

      thats good

    • http://dailyweighin.com/ Daily Weigh In

      4. Stop cursing.

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    Awesome :)

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    Hi for all and have a nice day i love the website

  • Dan DiGangi

    One I have always been proud of (especially because I had accomplished this by 18) is having visited 49 of the 50 states. Only one left on my list of Hawaii, even been to Alaska via cruise! :)

  • Dan DiGangi

    One I have always been proud of (especially because I had accomplished this by 18) is having visited 49 of the 50 states. Only one left on my list of Hawaii, even been to Alaska via cruise! :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/cindy.walton.35 Cindy Walton

      I was the same, Dan. I had visited 49 states by the time I was 18. I didn’t add Hawai’i until i was 55! I’ve lived in 7 states, visited 18 other countries and lived in one other country (Germany) for six years.

  • http://twitter.com/Travaddicts TravAddict.com

    There are a few things on this list I would not want to do, but there are some very cool suggestions that have inspired me:-)

  • http://twitter.com/Travaddicts TravAddict.com

    There are a few things on this list I would not want to do, but there are some very cool suggestions that have inspired me:-)

  • thedarkknight

    PLease stop! I cant take it anymore!

  • thedarkknight

    PLease stop! I cant take it anymore!

  • http://twitter.com/angelacorrias Angela Corrias

    Well, throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina is not exactly priority A on my wish list… Setting foot on all 7 Continents and visiting area 51 look way more enticing 😉

  • http://twitter.com/angelacorrias Angela Corrias

    Well, throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina is not exactly priority A on my wish list… Setting foot on all 7 Continents and visiting area 51 look way more enticing 😉

    • John

      Area 51 is boring. All you see is a couple signs in the middle of the desert. You don’t actually get to see much.

    • John

      Area 51 is boring. All you see is a couple signs in the middle of the desert. You don’t actually get to see much.

  • Hank

    I love how 90% of the activities you’ve listed cost a small fortune. Just the ticket for these tough economic times.

  • Hank

    I love how 90% of the activities you’ve listed cost a small fortune. Just the ticket for these tough economic times.

  • Ensaya_Spanish_Learner

    So random, but pretty awesome, nice list.

  • Ensaya_Spanish_Learner

    So random, but pretty awesome, nice list.

  • Ash

    I’ve done 16 of these so far…pretty good for being only 19 but I got a ways to go yet!

  • Ash

    I’ve done 16 of these so far…pretty good for being only 19 but I got a ways to go yet!

  • thisrandomcoolperson

    gives me ideas for my personal bucket list

  • http://www.facebook.com/Optimus86 Islam ŐǷtimus

    That CN Tower thing is on my priority list..

  • http://www.facebook.com/Optimus86 Islam ŐǷtimus

    That CN tower thing is on my priority list..

  • HighDream

    There is a mobile app called iWish (bucket list) that helps me have my list organized in one place and frequently revisit it to add on, mark things as “done” and get inspired.

  • Austin

    and win the lottery since you’re gonna need money to do all this, obviously.

  • Nikhil

    Visit fortkochi, Kerala, India

  • maranj

    you might add the singularly exciting experience of getting a massage from a 3-ton elephant in phuket, thailand.

  • David Mars Nestor

    boring list

  • Alex

    I have done 19 of these so far. Pretty good for someone who is 12 years old!

  • MAX


  • Sam

    BTW I am max alex and sam.

  • Chloe!

    I LOVE ALL OF THESE! I now have a total of 106 things to do before I’m thirty, and I’m fourteen. Better get started haah

  • Kevin

    Is it just me, or is this list very USA-centric. I’m not saying it’s bad. But it feels like half of the place you should visit are in the USA.

  • GoatsOnTheRoad

    Great list. Didn’t see it all but I’ve made a bucket list of my own. It’s always a good set of goals.

  • Ashley

    I have already finished 13 of these items and already have three more planned to be completed by the end of this coming summer! I would say I’m doing pretty well for a 17 year old :)

  • valriedn

    already done 255 of these, not bad for a 2 years old boy ! (lmao)

  • LibStooks

    Did I miss seeing “skydiving”? I’ve done that and I highly recommend it!

  • Charlotte

    I actually did a lot of these things and I’m only 13!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cindy.walton.35 Cindy Walton

    I’ve ticked off 60 of these, with minor adjustments. I’ve not been to Auschwitz, but I’ve been to Dachau several times as well as Bergen Belsen. I’ve not been to Mardi Gras, but I’ve been to Fasching, which is the same and older. I’ve shaken the hand of 3 US presidents (the first one when I was only 5!).

  • Mini

    OMG! Why I never came across this site earlier !!

  • HJGolfer

    Great bucket list. You should have this in printable, check off PDF!!

    • Laura


  • Jordyn

    I zip lined in Costa Rica, it was probably my most treasured memory i have, it was incredible and i would suggest that everyone do it.

  • nana

    I’m 35 and I’ve only done 30/225 – what a disgrace! In my defense though, I HAVE done a few things that I’m proud of. I’ve crossed the Alps by car, went snorkeling at Maya Bay (Phi Phi Islands), visited the British Museum, climbed the Acropolis rock, ate raw lamb in Beirut, visited the Pyramids, single-handedly cooked breakfast for 50 people, read 412 books, rode an elephant, bought and decorated my own apartment, prayed at a Buddhist temple and mosque, climbed the Eiffel tower, saw the Gustav Klimt exhibition in Venice, learned how to make the perfect chicken curry, rode the London Eye, forgave all my enemies, and most importantly learned that life is too short to live it the way other people expect you to.

    • effie


    • hollydollyh

      That’s amazing! I am 11 and I have done a few of those things but the thing that I am most proud of is when I walked 80k on the great wall of China :-)

      • hollydollyh

        42 of those things and I’m 11

  • http://www.facebook.com/lizannewhittaker Liz Whittaker Chapman

    Is there a printable list version of this? I’d love to use it to create my own bucket list, and see how I’ve done so far!

  • Bitter

    Can someone calculate how much this all “visit” and “tral” may cost?

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    nice pictures

  • B is for Bucket List

    This is such a great list! It really inspires me to have an adventurous life! I’m 18 and I have already checked 26 of these items off of my bucket list, but I definitely plan to check off many of these items in the future :) Good luck to everyone in accomplishing your dreams :)

  • kszp

    I went to Home Depot to buy buckets, I brought my bucket list . . . . .

  • Nina R.P.

    whew… can an average person do all these in a lifetime? i wish i could! 😛

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  • Buut Crack

    Your mom

  • Justin

    It’s actually been proven that hammocks are better for your back then beds, as well as giving a better night’s sleep.

  • Kris

    just a hint, as a wakebaorder, the picture you used for wakeboarding is actually someone wakesurfing. Wakeboarding stands further back behind the wake and has a longer rope. just an fyi 😀 loved the list!

  • ruby

    I like sleeping in my own bed every night. I have no desire to go anywhere but my immediate area. When I was younger I was quite adventureous. No longer. I enjoy my home and family too much I guess. With the advent of cable TV we can see all over the world and no bad side affects. Same for the internet. I will save the money I have for the next generation.

    • RazorSharp69

      Your no fun at all Ruby. Perhaps your next generation can get out and about to see the world.

  • siqiniq

    I’ve only looked at three pages, and can’t find anything that really appeals to me that I haven’t already done. Just so you know, not everyone is American, and not everyone has trunks full of money lying around getting mouldy. How about a list of realistic things for people in other parts of the world? There are more of us out here that there are in the USA.

  • Ina

    I think we all should do our own list. Although this list is interesting..no doubt.

    • http://www.facebook.com/davidmuertter David Muertter


  • http://twitter.com/wisedollar Jose

    I’ve floated around in the great Salt Lake in Utah, Does that count instead of the dead Sea? 😀 I would also suggest to Scuba Dive at least once in your life, Do A Discover Scuba, You’ll never be the same again! You’ll need to get certified to dive the the Yongala

  • Pearly Sweetcake

    I love that they said ‘participate” at Burning Man, not just “go” to Burning Man. I’ve watched the event grow over the past 5 years or so and each year a bigger majority of attendees simply go to watch and party and not participate and it has really started to change it. So if you go, PARTICIPATE!

  • http://www.thetraveltart.com The Travel Tart

    I’ve done quite a few of these things – but always striving to do more!

  • Hakeem

    Claustrophobia is the fear of closed spaces, acrophobia is the fear of heights (referring to #54). Great ones in there, some maybe little off for me but some really good ones.

  • DWJTravel

    I have still never slept in a hammock. Actually I have never even been one! This is something that I need to change. Great list and I need to create my own bucket

  • Awesomesauce

    you are a genius

  • Carstensz Pyramid

    Carstensz Pyramid isn’t in Australia, it’s in Indonesia.

    • RazorSharp69

      The mountain counts as the Australasia cause the one on the continent of Australia itself i.e.Mt kosciusko is very small compared to the other mountains on the continents around the world.

  • LizzieBell

    See a performance at the Sydney Opera House? I’ve PERFORMED there!

  • Allison

    If you are going to swim with dolphins, please choose a safe wild option and don’t fund captive programs.

  • Siobhan_Moody

    I’ve done 62 and I’m 22, and have plans for another 6 in the next year, other than that there are only 40 or so others I’m interested in on this list. Quite achievable.

  • http://www.AchieveTheGreenBeretWay.com/welcome Michael Martel

    Great bucket list. I have had a list of twenty for a couple years and add more as I hit them along the way. I have driven a race car, written a book, swam dolphins. Still have a lot more to go and will add some from this list. Thanks.

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    amazing i will personally try one of this some day

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    I’ve watched many movies and I have more on my wishlist on http://www.wishberg.com its easier to add wishes there for me plus you can steal my wishes too. 😀

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  • CrocHunter

    i hate to bust your bubble with 80. Cage Dive with Crocs…but i just returned from studying in Australia and went to Darwin for a few days and checked it out…crocs just sleep the entire day. Go out to Kakadu National Park (2 hours from Darwin) and go on a jumping crocodile safari where you can see these massive reptiles launch themselves out of the water. (some cruises dangle chunks of beef off the sides to ensure you see jumping crocs so keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times)

  • http://www.yepi1.info/ Yepi

    I’m really impressed with the 51 area, it really is a mysterious and dangerous unpredictable place

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    Life seemed very long time, but also thata short, people also need to learn how to live well, learn to love yourself more and learn how to make a good man in the true sense.

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    Or you can be content to live and die on this planet at this time with the people around you..!