Bucket List: 225 Things to Do Before You Die

59. Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy

Gondola ride under Rialto Bridge

There’s probably nothing in the world more charming, more utterly romantic (assuming that your trip here actually entails ‘romance’!) than taking a relaxing voyage through the watery canals and byways of Venice. Gondola ferries are extremely popular here, and they’re surprisingly cheap. What might you see while cruising majestic Venice via its network of pristine canals? The legendary Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri), the Ca’Rezzonico palazzo (museum) along one of the main canals, Doge’s Palace (a famous Gothic-styled museum) and tons of other attractions for starters.

60. Visit Stonehenge During the Summer Solstice

Summer solstice sunrise over StonehengeWest of Amesbury and to the north of Salisbury (Wiltshire county, England) stands the iconic, prehistoric Stonehenge monument. Erected in a circular fashion with massive stones, archeologists believe it was built in the Neolithic period and Bronze Age (circa 2400-2200B.C.) But why? Some experts claim it served as a burial ground; others claim it served as some tool for studying the heavens or worshiping some deity(s). But one thing that still confounds even experts is just how it was built, considering that many of the boulders weigh in excess of several thousand tons. Nonetheless, before checking this off your list, how about proposing a few hypothesis of your own?

61. Attend the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

Thrill-seekers running from bullsThe Running of the Bulls is a major event at the annual San Fermin festival, happening every July 7th-14th. It goes down like this: A couple hundred-or-so daring (or plain foolish, one) Spaniards attempt to outrun a herd of a dozen angry, charging bulls down a quartered-off section of Pamplona. The event is certainly a fun spectator sport, save for the possible blood and gore, but if you’re feeling really adventurous (or, more likely, stupid), get out and run with the beasts yourself. Just note that between 200 and 300 folks are injured (mostly due to falls) every year doing so, and a total of 16 have died since 1916. Just try to guess why!

62. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Aurora borealis glows over a hutNo doubt you learned about the Aurora Borealis back in grade school, but ever seen them in person? If not, you’re missing one incredible, memorable show in the sky. Aurora Borealis—a natural display of light in the night sky caused by colliding, charged particles being swept around by solar winds—takes its name from Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, and Boreas, the Greek name for ‘north wind’. The best places to see these awesome phenomenons include Fairbanks, Alaska; Denmark (in or around the Norwegian Sea Islands, especially Faroe Island); and Reykjavik, Iceland. Just make sure to find an area clear of any city lights and with a great view of the dark sky.

63. Visit Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National MemorialNestled in the remote, mountainous Black Hills region of South Dakota you’ll find one of America’s most famous and instantly identifiable landmarks, Mouth Rushmore. Be one of the lucky, some two-million people (annually) to visit the monument—four 60ft-tall carvings (out of Mt. Rushmore’s southeast granite face) of four of the U.S.’s greatest Presidents. And depending when you go, don’t forget to check out the nearby Crazy Horse Memorial, an in-progress, 563ft Native American statue (also carved out of a mountain) that’s slated to become the world’s tallest statue.

64. Ride All of the Roller Coasters at Cedar Point

Iron Dragon at Cedar PointYou haven’t truly lived until you’ve experienced a scary roller coaster firsthand. What better way to mark this off the ole’ bucket list than with a visit to the Sandusky, Ohio Cedar Point Amusement Park? Situated on some 360 acres near Lake Eerie, Cedar Point offers not only the most roller coasters in the world, but also a few of the fastest and most terrifying. A couple of notables include the second-tallest steel coaster in the world, the Top Thrill Dragster, a steel, hydraulically operated coaster that attains speeds up to 120mph and features a vomit-inducing, 400ft, 90-degree drop. The Millennium Force, on the other hand, is one of the longest steel coasters in the world and delivers folks as high as 310 feet and as fast as 93mph. So, eat your heart out, Six Flags.

65. Go on an African Safari at the Masai Mara National Reserve (Kenya)

Zebras and giraffes on reserveLions, tigers, and bears (and apparently giraffes and zebras)—oh my! In your quest around the world—remember No. 5, yes?—don’t forget about Africa, the enchanted land of myriad deserts, zebra and gazelle, grassy plains, and local tribes. Specifically, tour the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. This national park, which lies in the Tanzanian Serengeti, is a wildlife refuge—consisting of all kinds of wildlife (many endangered species) from wildebeests, zebra, and cheetahs, to buffalo, crocodiles, and baboons. And all of that life thrives off the main river that runs the course of the Reserve, the Mara River. The best time to see the most animals is generally from July to October, the region’s rainy season and when the animals are most active. But don’t forget the camera, change of clothes (as you will sweat), and bug spray!

66. Attend the FIFA World Cup

Spain wins World CupMaybe American football isn’t your thing? Either way, make sure that at least one trip to the FIFA World Cup—a.k.a The Federation Internationale de Football Association—is on your to-do list. Hosting teams from more nations (208 to be exact) than are even United Nations members, FIFA is also the governing body around professional futsal and beach soccer teams. Wanna get in and up close to the action at the next FIFA World Cup? Brazil, where the locals are as crazy for soccer as Canadians are fanatical about hockey, is hosting (and therefore automatically is the first qualified team of dozens of others) the next one that’s slated for June 12, 2014.

67. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

Couple bathing in the Blue Lagoon Geothermal SpaSimilar in ways to the Dead Sea experience, the Blue Lagoon is a huge geothermal (heat that’s naturally produced underground, naturally) spa in a lava field in Grindavik, Iceland. Its steamy waters—rich in the minerals sulphur and silica—hold constant a year-round temp of around 100 degrees F (38 C) and are frequented by tourists and locals alike for their relaxing qualities, as well as for treatment for those suffering from skin ailments and diseases.

68. Learn to Master Chess

Playing chess in Central Park Chess: It’s proven to stave off Alzheimer’s and increase memory, as well as increase attention span. While you may never become the next Bobby Fischer, you can always impress your friends, family, and even random strangers with your mean checkmate-ing skills!

69. Spend the Night at the The Myrtles Plantation

The ghost of Chloe at The Myrtles Plantation If you think the photo is pretty creepy and that “this must be some rural haunted house”, then you’d be correct. The Myrtles Plantation (St. Francisville, Louisiana) is often attributed “one of America’s most haunted houses”, and that’s not surprising considering that it’s almost as old as the U.S. itself and has—claims numerous visitors and patrons—experienced several hauntings. Ironically, though, the Myrtle Plantation is also a beautiful B&B and place to get married. It’s also home of the Carriage House restaurant; tours of the old antebellum place occur regularly.

70. Play Golf on The Old Course at St. Andrews

The Old Course at St. AndrewsAssuming that you’re a golfer, or even someone who has a passing interest in golf, make it a point to one day play a round at The Old Course at St. Andrews. Why? First starters, it’s one of the world’s most gorgeous, scenic courses, as well as the oldest. Located in Fife, Scotland, the greens at St. Andrews boast 18 holes—seven greens of which uniquely have TWO holes apiece—and a unique layout that allows players to play the course either clockwise or counterclockwise. And if you’re still in doubt of the Old Course’s prestigious history, know that golf legends like John Daly, Bobby Locke, Tiger Woods, Sam Snead, and Jack Burns have taken the extremely coveted Open Championship prize here.

71. Attend a Blue Man Group Show

Blue Man GroupSo, who isn’t at least a little creeped-out by the ‘Blue Men‘? Yours truly is certainly guilty of fearing the Smurf-like people! But really, the group’s unique shows—a blend of theater and concerts consisting of everything from comedy, to music, to multimedia—are immensely entertaining and very engaging of their audiences. And they put on shows with themes dealing with ideas pertaining to self-consciousness, DNA, the internet, everyday life, and the musings on existence itself. Check out their itinerary to find a show and check this off the list.

72. Spend New Year’s Eve in Sydney, Australia

Fireworks in Sydney, AustraliaNot feeling the love for Times Square on News Years Eve? Or perhaps you’ve already done that and need a change of scenery? Check out Sydney on New Years Eve. If there’s anyone who knows how to throw down a helluva fun party, it’s Aussies! You want fireworks? How about good ole’ ‘down unda’ beer? Done. And while you’re at it, don’t just stop at Sydney for New Years. Try another major city (Times Square, New York or Disney World in Orlando are phenomenal spots) every January 1 to bring in the new year!

73. Milk a Cow

Milking a cow If the photo doesn’t make you want to hurl, or the initial feeling of yanking a cow’s utter doesn’t prompt you to feverishly bathe in hand sanitizer, milk a cow. Besides being a great photo opportunity, especially for you Facebookers that never miss an opportunity to show yourselves off to all your ‘boring’ friends, it’s also a lot of fun! Caveat emptor, though: Drinking raw milk from a cow (should you feel so inclined) is typically harmless—that is, if it’s from farm-bred, farm-raised cow. However, if your cow lives in industrial-like pen with other cattle, get it pasteurized first, or risk contracting salmonella or E coli.

74. Chase a Tornado

Storm chasers in front of tornadoEver seen those caveats on TV that read “Professional: Do not try at home”? Well, this one’s kinda like that! Chasing a tornado (with an experienced, veteran professional, mind you)—sometimes dubbed ‘the finger of God’—is one of the most riveting, adrenaline-pumping experiences ever. Ride along with a veteran driver and observe—up close and [possibly too] personal—one of mother nature’s most brutal, yet shockingly beautiful and grandiose shows. But again, only go with an experienced storm chaser.

75. Stand in the Crown of the Statue of Liberty

Statue of LibertyAfter September 11th, a LOT changed. That included the closing off of part of the Statue of Liberty. And it wasn’t until very recently that the upper part of the Statue was reopened to the public. Moving forward, though, the neoclassical, colossal Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island (in the New York Harbor) towers 305ft above ground, with Lady Liberty herself standing an impressive 101ft. Where did it come from? France (as a gift to the U.S.), of course. So, if you haven’t climbed your way up into Lady Liberty’s crown yet, it’s time to put it on the ole’ bucket list!

76. Work for Tips

Waiter serving a tableSurely you’ve heard the expression “don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes.” Putting aside the reality that some employers can legally, subtly shift most of the burden of employee compensation onto the customer, what better way to understand and appreciate tip earners than to literally do what they do? Take time to work a temporary or part-time gig (whatever your situation warrants) as a waiter or waitress, bellhop, chauffeur, bar tender, or other (mainly) tip-based professional. Only then will you probably feel compelled to leave a better tip for hard workers. You’ll feel great about doing so, and they will likely feel motivated to work even harder for their customers. Everyone wins.

  • WakeupList

    Amazing bucketlist! For anyone who wants to make one themselves and keep track of their list, you should try WakeUpList.com – free and simple, and every 90 days it will send you your list in case you forget all about it.

  • gunselibirol

    okay these are all great stuff but you are aware that, most of them ( almost all of them) require money and time.

  • UltimateSurviv1

    Great ideas! hope we have the time and resources to do at least 3 of these.

  • JABacchetta

    Take the list for what it is – entertainment. There are dozens of things here that people have never thought of before, or didn’t even know existed. If you can do just a few of them, great. I’m sure very few actually plan on completing all 225 items on this list. And still others will have their own unique list.

    Besides, isn’t that the whole point of a bucket list, to be ambitious? Imagine a bucket list filled with things like “Go to Walmart”…

  • BronaWard

    bathing in the ganges river will probably shorten your life span so you should probably leave that to you are finished with the others

  • Michael Bock

    Good point, Jason. (I should really put going to Walmart on my Bucket List as conquering one of my fears! lmao)

  • Michael Bock

    Hopefully more! There are actually several items on the list that require little to no money—but granted, most of them will require a bit of saving (for most people)! 🙂

  • Michael Bock

    LooooL! (actually “laughed out loud” at this)

  • Michael Bock

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

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    I’m surprised that after reading a list of 225 things to do before you die that “yell for help” didn’t make the cut. lol

  • Michael Bock

    LoL, seems a bit daunting at first, huh?! But no one, even I, would suggest that you even attempt to complete half of the ideas. Just try a few! 🙂

  • aniux89

    America is a single continent pff…

  • Michael Bock

    Lmao, you sure about that? Last time I checked, America was was a part of this continent known as ‘North America’–home to over 20 countries (U.S., Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, Guatemala, Canada….) LoL

  • julieakowalski

    “Hang from Toronto’s CN Tower”… terrifying photo. I’d want to do this one after the other 224 because I doubt I’d life to tell about it.

  • I’m 21 and have done a few of these things so far, at least. I WILL accomplish most of these before I die!!

  • JABacchetta

    Michael, I think she was referring to the actual act of yelling for help… “before you die” 🙂

  • Michael Bock

    LoL, I knew that :-P…I think…

  • Michael Bock

    Naah! You’d be strong! 🙂

  • Michael Bock

    I’m 32 and, well, wish I had such a clearly indomitable will as yourself! Cheers! 🙂

  • CodeDisQus

    I recently did the Oribi Gorge Jump here in South Africa and the YOLO (sorry) bug bit me. This list is just epic, as a 21 year old student, I’m now inspired to work hard, build up a fortune, retire early and get cracking with most of the things on this list. Thank you TOOO MUCH Micheal Bock, you have truly inspired me 🙂 🙂

    P.S. The only time people can legitimately say YOLO is when they are doing things that are on their bucket list 🙂

    Thanks again dude!

  • Jim Gareau

    So much too do and so little time to do it!!! Better get started finishing my list

  • Jason

    lol I don’t know about the event in the sky. Couple be disasterous

  • Gondola rides are not THAT cheap. You’re looking to pay between 80-110 euros. Trust me I was there not too long ago.

  • LV

    why is there a photo of rene redzepi of noma under the one for best restaurants and then nooo mention of noma?

  • JABacchetta

    Did you read the entry? Click through to the link given and look at #1… Noma.

  • David

    3 things to do before you die: love & being loved, start your own business and don’t give a fck about what people think of you or the way you live.

  • Awesome 🙂

  • Mohammed

    Hi for all and have a nice day i love the website

  • Dan DiGangi

    One I have always been proud of (especially because I had accomplished this by 18) is having visited 49 of the 50 states. Only one left on my list of Hawaii, even been to Alaska via cruise! 🙂

  • Dan DiGangi

    One I have always been proud of (especially because I had accomplished this by 18) is having visited 49 of the 50 states. Only one left on my list of Hawaii, even been to Alaska via cruise! 🙂

  • There are a few things on this list I would not want to do, but there are some very cool suggestions that have inspired me:-)

  • There are a few things on this list I would not want to do, but there are some very cool suggestions that have inspired me:-)

  • thedarkknight

    PLease stop! I cant take it anymore!

  • thedarkknight

    PLease stop! I cant take it anymore!

  • Well, throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina is not exactly priority A on my wish list… Setting foot on all 7 Continents and visiting area 51 look way more enticing 😉

  • Well, throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina is not exactly priority A on my wish list… Setting foot on all 7 Continents and visiting area 51 look way more enticing 😉

  • Hank

    I love how 90% of the activities you’ve listed cost a small fortune. Just the ticket for these tough economic times.

  • Hank

    I love how 90% of the activities you’ve listed cost a small fortune. Just the ticket for these tough economic times.

  • John

    Area 51 is boring. All you see is a couple signs in the middle of the desert. You don’t actually get to see much.

  • John

    Area 51 is boring. All you see is a couple signs in the middle of the desert. You don’t actually get to see much.

  • Ensaya_Spanish_Learner

    So random, but pretty awesome, nice list.

  • Ensaya_Spanish_Learner

    So random, but pretty awesome, nice list.

  • Ash

    I’ve done 16 of these so far…pretty good for being only 19 but I got a ways to go yet!

  • Ash

    I’ve done 16 of these so far…pretty good for being only 19 but I got a ways to go yet!

  • thisrandomcoolperson

    gives me ideas for my personal bucket list

  • That CN Tower thing is on my priority list..

  • That CN tower thing is on my priority list..

  • HighDream

    There is a mobile app called iWish (bucket list) that helps me have my list organized in one place and frequently revisit it to add on, mark things as “done” and get inspired.

  • Austin

    and win the lottery since you’re gonna need money to do all this, obviously.

  • Nikhil

    Visit fortkochi, Kerala, India

  • maranj

    you might add the singularly exciting experience of getting a massage from a 3-ton elephant in phuket, thailand.

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    boring list

  • Alex

    I have done 19 of these so far. Pretty good for someone who is 12 years old!

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    BTW I am max alex and sam.

  • Noma is one thing we are very proud of in denmark 🙂 although the food nearly cost a fortune. 2 persons about 3000 kr for a decent meal, or estimated $500!!

  • Chloe!

    I LOVE ALL OF THESE! I now have a total of 106 things to do before I’m thirty, and I’m fourteen. Better get started haah

  • Kevin

    Is it just me, or is this list very USA-centric. I’m not saying it’s bad. But it feels like half of the place you should visit are in the USA.

  • GoatsOnTheRoad

    Great list. Didn’t see it all but I’ve made a bucket list of my own. It’s always a good set of goals.

  • Ashley

    I have already finished 13 of these items and already have three more planned to be completed by the end of this coming summer! I would say I’m doing pretty well for a 17 year old 🙂

  • valriedn

    already done 255 of these, not bad for a 2 years old boy ! (lmao)

  • Steph

    thats good

  • LibStooks

    Actually it’s “The Americas” – both North, South and everything in between.

  • LibStooks

    Did I miss seeing “skydiving”? I’ve done that and I highly recommend it!

  • Charlotte

    I actually did a lot of these things and I’m only 13!

  • I was the same, Dan. I had visited 49 states by the time I was 18. I didn’t add Hawai’i until i was 55! I’ve lived in 7 states, visited 18 other countries and lived in one other country (Germany) for six years.

  • I’ve ticked off 60 of these, with minor adjustments. I’ve not been to Auschwitz, but I’ve been to Dachau several times as well as Bergen Belsen. I’ve not been to Mardi Gras, but I’ve been to Fasching, which is the same and older. I’ve shaken the hand of 3 US presidents (the first one when I was only 5!).

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    OMG! Why I never came across this site earlier !!

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    Great bucket list. You should have this in printable, check off PDF!!

  • Jordyn

    I zip lined in Costa Rica, it was probably my most treasured memory i have, it was incredible and i would suggest that everyone do it.

  • nana

    I’m 35 and I’ve only done 30/225 – what a disgrace! In my defense though, I HAVE done a few things that I’m proud of. I’ve crossed the Alps by car, went snorkeling at Maya Bay (Phi Phi Islands), visited the British Museum, climbed the Acropolis rock, ate raw lamb in Beirut, visited the Pyramids, single-handedly cooked breakfast for 50 people, read 412 books, rode an elephant, bought and decorated my own apartment, prayed at a Buddhist temple and mosque, climbed the Eiffel tower, saw the Gustav Klimt exhibition in Venice, learned how to make the perfect chicken curry, rode the London Eye, forgave all my enemies, and most importantly learned that life is too short to live it the way other people expect you to.

  • Is there a printable list version of this? I’d love to use it to create my own bucket list, and see how I’ve done so far!

  • Bitter

    Can someone calculate how much this all “visit” and “tral” may cost?

  • nice pictures

  • B is for Bucket List

    This is such a great list! It really inspires me to have an adventurous life! I’m 18 and I have already checked 26 of these items off of my bucket list, but I definitely plan to check off many of these items in the future 🙂 Good luck to everyone in accomplishing your dreams 🙂

  • kszp

    I went to Home Depot to buy buckets, I brought my bucket list . . . . .

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    whew… can an average person do all these in a lifetime? i wish i could! 😛

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    Your mom

  • Justin

    It’s actually been proven that hammocks are better for your back then beds, as well as giving a better night’s sleep.

  • Kris

    just a hint, as a wakebaorder, the picture you used for wakeboarding is actually someone wakesurfing. Wakeboarding stands further back behind the wake and has a longer rope. just an fyi 😀 loved the list!

  • ruby

    I like sleeping in my own bed every night. I have no desire to go anywhere but my immediate area. When I was younger I was quite adventureous. No longer. I enjoy my home and family too much I guess. With the advent of cable TV we can see all over the world and no bad side affects. Same for the internet. I will save the money I have for the next generation.

  • siqiniq

    I’ve only looked at three pages, and can’t find anything that really appeals to me that I haven’t already done. Just so you know, not everyone is American, and not everyone has trunks full of money lying around getting mouldy. How about a list of realistic things for people in other parts of the world? There are more of us out here that there are in the USA.

  • Ina

    I think we all should do our own list. Although this list is interesting..no doubt.

  • I’ve floated around in the great Salt Lake in Utah, Does that count instead of the dead Sea? 😀 I would also suggest to Scuba Dive at least once in your life, Do A Discover Scuba, You’ll never be the same again! You’ll need to get certified to dive the the Yongala

  • Pearly Sweetcake

    I love that they said ‘participate” at Burning Man, not just “go” to Burning Man. I’ve watched the event grow over the past 5 years or so and each year a bigger majority of attendees simply go to watch and party and not participate and it has really started to change it. So if you go, PARTICIPATE!

  • I’ve done quite a few of these things – but always striving to do more!

  • 4. Stop cursing.

  • 😉

  • Hakeem

    Claustrophobia is the fear of closed spaces, acrophobia is the fear of heights (referring to #54). Great ones in there, some maybe little off for me but some really good ones.

  • DWJTravel

    I have still never slept in a hammock. Actually I have never even been one! This is something that I need to change. Great list and I need to create my own bucket

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    you are a genius

  • Carstensz Pyramid

    Carstensz Pyramid isn’t in Australia, it’s in Indonesia.

  • LizzieBell

    See a performance at the Sydney Opera House? I’ve PERFORMED there!

  • RazorSharp69

    The mountain counts as the Australasia cause the one on the continent of Australia itself i.e.Mt kosciusko is very small compared to the other mountains on the continents around the world.

  • RazorSharp69

    Your no fun at all Ruby. Perhaps your next generation can get out and about to see the world.

  • Allison

    If you are going to swim with dolphins, please choose a safe wild option and don’t fund captive programs.

  • Siobhan_Moody

    I’ve done 62 and I’m 22, and have plans for another 6 in the next year, other than that there are only 40 or so others I’m interested in on this list. Quite achievable.

  • Great bucket list. I have had a list of twenty for a couple years and add more as I hit them along the way. I have driven a race car, written a book, swam dolphins. Still have a lot more to go and will add some from this list. Thanks.

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    amazing i will personally try one of this some day

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    I’ve watched many movies and I have more on my wishlist on http://www.wishberg.com its easier to add wishes there for me plus you can steal my wishes too. 😀

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    i hate to bust your bubble with 80. Cage Dive with Crocs…but i just returned from studying in Australia and went to Darwin for a few days and checked it out…crocs just sleep the entire day. Go out to Kakadu National Park (2 hours from Darwin) and go on a jumping crocodile safari where you can see these massive reptiles launch themselves out of the water. (some cruises dangle chunks of beef off the sides to ensure you see jumping crocs so keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times)

  • I’m really impressed with the 51 area, it really is a mysterious and dangerous unpredictable place

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  • hollydollyh

    That’s amazing! I am 11 and I have done a few of those things but the thing that I am most proud of is when I walked 80k on the great wall of China 🙂

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    Life seemed very long time, but also thata short, people also need to learn how to live well, learn to love yourself more and learn how to make a good man in the true sense.

  • Alan G Gervasi

    Or you can be content to live and die on this planet at this time with the people around you..!

  • hollydollyh

    42 of those things and I’m 11