Michael Franco

Contributing Writer at Life'd.com
Michael Franco has been writing professionally since 1990, when he joined Reader’s Digest as a junior copywriter. His work has appeared in “Islands” Magazine, “Time Out Singapore” and on numerous travel websites such as i-escape.com and nineMSN for whom he was the Singapore “Insider.” He has also written “Be Here Now: Vieques,” a guidebook to the tiny Caribbean island on which he lived for two years with his wife and giant poodle. Franco is the About.com guide to Bed & Breakfasts, a position he earned thanks to the five years he owned the Churchtown Inn Bed & Breakfast in Lancaster County PA’s Amish country and is currently the owner and co-creator of Musewear Flip Flops, a line of Brazilian-made flip flops featuring wise words. He holds a master of arts in Creative Writing.
Acupuncture Anyone

If you’re like most people, you’re curious about the benefits of acupuncture, but a bit squeamish about being stuck with acupuncture needles.  Ever wonder if you could practice acupuncture on yourself or your friends and family in the comfort of your home? Now don’t panic, we are not suggesting that you jab yourself or your loved ones with acupuncture needles. What we would like to […]

sport injury4

Anyone who’s ever played a sport is familiar with the agony of defeat. But many athletes — whether they be weekend warriors or marathon masters — are also familiar with another kind of very real agony: the sports injury. During activities in which we move unpredictably at high speeds, collide with other human beings, leap, spin, and swing, the chance for something to go wrong […]


You might think of spring training as something only professional athletes go through as winter gives way to kinder days. Yet, many of us embark on a spring training program every year as the realization comes that in just a few months we’ll no longer have sweaters and jackets to hide our pale and possibly paunchy bodies. Along with this realization often comes another: “I […]


Even though yoga is over 4,000 years old, studies about how it improves health are still relatively new. The work that has been done in the field however, has shown that the practice can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and increase muscle tone, strength and flexibility. It can also help reduce or eliminate chronic pain and let you get a better night’s sleep. While you […]


With the ever-increasing presence of wireless technology in speakers, the days of stringing a home for sound, or installing a different stereo system in every room are fading away like the careers of dozens of 90s one-hit-wonders. These days, you can usually get by with one central music system (even if that happens to be your computer) and then beam the beats all around the […]

tv b2

There was a time when TV was free. True, you often had to watch shows through a light haze of snowy static, put things known as bunny ears on top of your giant, wood-encased set and sometimes even enhance said ears with crafty homemade tinfoil tubes, but still … it was free. Then the cable companies got involved, dramatically raising  both picture and programming quality […]


2013 marks the ten-year anniversary of the approval of Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs, by congress. These medical savings plans can be powerful tools in either an individual or family health-funding strategy. With the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that all US citizens obtain health care starting in 2014, it’s more important than ever to understand how HSAs work and to find out if they might […]

Monitor on an office desk

Our ability to stand upright is a crowning achievement of human evolution (along with opposable thumbs and the ability to make pizza). Yet as more and more of us find ourselves attached to a computer during the workday, our once-proud postures are turning into seated slumps. Here are 10 reasons why you might want to consider using a standing desk at work (if distinguishing yourself […]

Handing over cash

In the movies, getting an inheritance always seems like a straightforward affair. There’s a knock at the door and a lawyer wearing a flashy suit hands the stunned recipient the keys to an estate or a check for millions. But the fact is that if you were to receive an inheritance these days, it would likely be in the form of an IRA, which makes […]

Skeleton playing guitar

For what is arguably the most sinister holiday of all, Halloween certainly has a pretty anemic soundtrack. It’s time of nightmares come true and fears realized and what do we get? Monster Mash? Ghostbusters? Werewolves of London? Please. Even the classic Thriller is more likely to make you break out in a moonwalk instead of a cold sweat. But fear not kiddies, here we present […]