Kaitlin Timmer

Contributing Writer at Life'd.com
Kaitlin is a 4th year college student majoring in finance. Her specialty is credit cards, which she has been writing about for close to a year now. She also dabbles in self improvement and learning to become the best person you can be. She hopes to teach others what she has learned so they can take control of their finances and their lives.
Businessman walking alone

Everyone hates a recession. We hear about foreclosures and job loss on the news, and our friends complain that they can’t afford to buy a new TV or go on that beach vacation because of the poor economy. We feel the squeeze, too, watching our retirement accounts and our kids’ college funds dwindle before our eyes. There’s even more tension at work ever since the […]

Business interview

Got an interview coming up in a few days? Now’s the time to prepare. Sure, you can just wing it, and you might be fine—but taking the time to get yourself ready will put you a step ahead of the applicants who didn’t. If you already know you’re qualified, now you just have to make sure your interviewer sees it too. Here are a few […]

Students studying outdoors

Students of all ages can benefit from learning how to best absorb the information they need to know. Whether you’re in high school, college, or just needing to pass a test at work, you can learn to study better so you’re not stuck with a poor score. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a good test-taker, you don’t have to resign yourself to D’s. Here […]

Unveiling sale sign

There are thousands of marketing tricks out there, and they’re growing by the minute. It’s hard to compete: companies have entire branches devoted to figuring out how to get customers to spend more. And that’s not fair—you don’t have an entire team of people looking for ways to save you money. So we’re helping you level the playing field a little. Here are a few […]

Financial adviser helping elderly man with retirement benefits

I was reading an article about Social Security on a major news website, and I noticed some questions in the comments that the author of the article didn’t address. These questions made me realize there is a lot that we don’t understand about Social Security, even though it’s something that will affect all of us. Those without a large nest egg will be affected the […]

Piggy bank being rescued

Most of us are familiar with the idea of stashing away cash for times of need, though not all of us actually do it. Of those of us who do,  our habits vary a lot. Some only have a couple hundred stashed away, while others may be saving too much and not living enough. Pretty much all financial experts agree, though: we need a rainy […]

Woman running outdoors

I’ll admit it: I’m a self-help book junkie. I love reading about how to improve my memory, be more resilient in times of stress, and impress people in only 90 seconds. Now, you may not have the same addiction to self-help books as I do, but if you’ve ever read one in an attempt to change or improve something in your life, chances are you’ve […]

Young couple calculating budget

If you’re like many people, you’re trying to pay down debt but not sure where to begin. Most of us have several different types of debt, and we aren’t always sure which one we should start with. Those with mathematical brains tend to start paying off debts that have high interest rates first, and that’s not a bad place to start, but there are questions to ask […]

Woman stretching in wheat field

Everyone feels down from time to time. We’re human, and with positive emotions comes the possibility of negative emotions. It’s just part of life. But sometimes that negative mood can disrupt your life and cause you intense distress. When that happens, it’s time to make a change. Whatever unpleasant mood it is that you feel most often, it’s something you can change. If you follow […]

Student holding credit card

Students, listen closely. In this article we discuss some of the best student cards you can get. If this is your first credit card, a student card is the way to go. They can help you build credit, and the best part about it is this: banks know you’re still building credit, so you can qualify for most student cards without a credit score. There are […]