Credit Score Blueprint

Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Building a Perfect Credit Score

Credit Score BlueprintSurveys show that 52% of Americans do not understand how credit scores work. And of those who have a general knowledge of credit scores, the vast majority of Americans are misinformed as to which factors affect their score.

Your credit score could potentially save (or cost) you hundreds of thousands of dollars on loan payments over the course of your life. So why risk making financial decisions based on common myths that are widespread even among those who consider themselves “credit experts”?

The Credit Score Blueprint exposes myths, answers questions, and most importantly lays out exactly what determines your score; all in an easy-to-read format with charts, resources and quick facts planted throughout. No fluff and no ridiculous strategies that are doomed to fail; just simply a blueprint to building a perfect credit score.


  • 5 categories that determine your score
  • Factors that don’t affect your score
  • Other elements (besides credit score) that impact your interest rates and loan eligibility
  • Credit cards that even people with beyond bad credit will get approved for
  • How to get 3 free credit reports every year (no credit card required)
  • Credit score myths exposed
  • Common questions answered
  • 18 characteristics of people with a FICO score of 760 or higher
  • Unknown tricks to instantly raise your credit score
  • Links to resources such as sample letters and templates (for disputes), contact information for the credit bureaus, tools for identity theft victims, and credit related laws enforced by the FTC



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