50 Must-Have iPad Apps


Writing KitWriting Kit ($4.99): Writing Kit is a Markdown-specific text editor for Web writers. It features customized keyboard buttons for adding headers, bolding text, adding links and other assorted elements normally achieved by manually typing in specific symbols. Other great features include a built-in browser (so you never have to bounce out of the app to do research on the Web), Dropbox support, various export formats for HTML and Markdown and native TextExpander support for all your snippets.

ElementsElements ($4.99): For those looking for a minimal text editor – something you can use to just “get the words down”, Elements is an elegant solution. Files can be organized into sub folders and stored in Dropbox and the offline support lets you create documents when there’s no Internet connection available, then automatically sync them to the cloud when you’re back online. Other features include a scratchpad for jotting down ideas, word/line/character counts, full text search, TextExpander support and customizable workspaces.

iA WriteriA Writer ($4.99): Think of iA Writer as a tool for helping you focus on the act of writing and not necessarily the words you’re typing. The built-in “Focus Mode” shows only the last three lines of text. There are no copy and paste, no scrolling and no other distractions to take you away from your work. IA Writer also shows you an approximate time of how long it will take to read your text, in addition to the usual character and word counts. The app isn’t for everyone, but those who use it tend to love it when they absolutely cannot be distracted from their writing.

Nebulous NotesNebulous Notes ($3.99): This is the ultimate note-taking app for the iPad. You get several custom themes, over 25 built-in macros (and the ability to create your own), as well as a true fullscreen mode, which removes all the chrome and navigation from the app. Open any text file from any Dropbox folder, preview your notes in HTML and/or Markdown, then print wirelessly using Apple’s AirPrint. Nebulous Notes even offers VoiceOver hints for the visually impaired. You won’t want to take notes on anything else.

Audiotorium Secure NotesAudiotorium Secure Notes ($5.99): Audiotorium is a different kind of note-taking app. Instead of jotting down ideas on the go, Audiotorium is better suited for meetings and lecture halls thanks to its built-in audio recorder. You can share notes via Wi-Fi, email or Dropbox, bookmark audio at specific sections of your notes and navigate recordings with a scrollable timeline. Students – pay attention: this app could come in very handy at exam time.