14 Must-Have, Free Productivity Apps for iPhone

Your iPhone comes equipped with useful tools such as Siri, Passbook, Mail and Calendar. If you want to take your productivity to the next level though, this list of free apps is a great place to start. Most apps are also compatible with iPod touch and iPad.

Practical Information & Phone Management

1.Converter Plus

How many dollars do you take on your next trip to Paris?
What is 25 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?
We often run into situations where we need to convert units instantly. With Converter Plus you can do it easily, wherever you go. This handy unit converter has an extensive list of units in hundreds of categories, including all 167 world’s updated currencies, area, weight, length, temperature, volume and a lots more.

2.Nightstand Central Free

The free version of an Apple staff favorite, Nightstand Central Free turns your iPhone into an elegant alarm or desk clock. The app sports various features, such as automatic vertical and horizontal modes, adjustable brightness & snooze time and more. The paid version is ad free and offers further options like customizable wallpapers and music alarms.


Many websites, like email services, social networks and e-commerce sites require login details. That’s why you need a solid app that will securely store all your private information and log you in with a single tap. iPassword uses 256-bit encryption and you can backup and restore your data via WiFi, iTunes or iCloud.

4.Secure Photo+Video Free

If you keep private photos or videos on your iPhone, this app is for you. After all, your phone travels a lot and you want to protect your secret imagery from prying eyes. Although limited to two albums and 12 items per album, the free version of Secure Photo+Video is responsive, fully supports Retina Display, long passwords, emailing photos & videos and more.

5.iBolt Video Downloader & Manager

iBolt is a fully featured video downloader and a private video manager. Users love it for its convenience, smoothness and stability. The app boasts various features, including a bookmark manager, single tap downloads and a full fledged download manager. The advanced video player supports MP4, M4V and MOV formats. The $0.99 pro version allows direct video downloading to your iPhone or iPad.

6.HippoRemote Lite

Next time you give a Keynote or PowerPoint presentation, impress your audience by using HippoRemote. This nifty little app turns your iPhone into a WiFi keyboard and trackpad, making it a perfect controller for your living room, conference room or personal computer. The WiFi support enables superior range and performance. Also included are a multi-touch trackpad and split screen mode.

Calendar, ToDo & Note Apps

7.USA Holidays Calendar 2011-2015

Have you ever been guilty of forgetting your mum on Mother’s Day?
How about turning your clock back for Daylight Saving Time?
With USA Holidays Calendar your troubles are over. This simple app displays all the holidays celebrated in the US along with their dates, from 2011-2015. Use it as a reference or import the holidays to your iPhone calendar. The app is still free but can go to $1.99 soon.

8.Awesome Calendar Lite

Tired of your iPhone’s built in calendar?
Awesome Calendar Lite offers everything your existing calendar does, and then some! This innovative calendar app offers automatic syncing with all supported iPhone calendars, notes with photos, weather information, unlimited alarms and a lot more. It has an elegant, easy to use interface with month, week agenda, half week, day and list views. Google tasks are also supported.

9.Errands To-Do List

It would be understating to call Errands a task manager. For it is so much more than that. This tastefully designed app is crafted with impressive features, among them: Folders, checklists, calendar view, multiple view, search and more. With Errands you can set repeating alerts for tasks which work even when the app is turned off. You can also conveniently view notes as a checklist.


Grocery shopping can be a pretty tiring experience. Wandering aimlessly through the aisles with a sloppy note, waiting endlessly by the counter… With AnyList, however, grocery shopping becomes a fun adventure. Easily create a shopping list, add recipe ingredients, categorize your list and share it with your flatmates or spouse. Changes will show up on everyone’s iPhone!

Internet & Browsers


Many tools and apps simply allow you to save webpages as bookmarks or links. Not Pearltrees! This free library allows you to keep everything at your fingertips – webpages, notes, photos etc. – but in a visual way. The interface is simple and intuitive and you can enrich your collection by collaborating with other community members. Access your pearltrees from your iPhone, iPad or computer.

12.Mercury Browser

If you’re tired of Safari, Mercury Browser is one of your best alternatives. Tailored for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Mercury is a fast and elegant web browser with a rich feature set. It supports multi touch gesture, tab browsing, full screen browsing, bookmark syncing with Firefox & Chrome and a lot more.



Bloom* is a productivity app that enables you to set reminders and a lot more. But unlike most to-do apps, Bloom* inspires you and motivates you to take action! This app will help you live life to the fullest: You can create your own multimedia experiences from your phone’s photo and music library, share Blooms with friends and use Bloom* as your morning wake-up call or as a reminder to save a few dollars each day…


Are you one of those people who listen to music while they work or study?
With iLuvMozart you can listen to the top ten classical pieces most likely to boost your IQ! Research has proven that listening to Mozart’s music while you study can increase your IQ by eight to nine points (this phenomenon is also known as the Mozart Effect). With iLuvMozart you can listen to high quality stereo soundtracks of the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi.