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The essence of any good bucket list consists of overcoming fears, achieving goals, realizing dreams and even simple pleasures. Whether it’s an exotic adventure half-way around the world or something simpler, like spending more time with your family or friends, what matters is that you experience all the good and phenomenal things Earth offers.

Here you’ll find 225 things to do before you die. Sure, a few of them are what some might consider to be cliché, but we made it a priority to think mostly outside the box.


Last year’s crop of horror movies was an exciting mix of slashers, ghost stories, horror comedies, suspense thrillers and more. If you’re a horror fan, any of the top 20 horror movies of 2012 will keep you on the edge of your seat. So grab some popcorn and let the thrill begin… US Horror Movies 1.Sinister Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) is a true crime author […]


Comics And Video Games Overflow With Such Depth That Their Original Mediums Can Hardly Contain Them. In These 3D Sidewalk Art Murals, Some Of Your Favorite Heroes And Games Are Taking It To The Streets! In recent years, the street art phenomenon has taken off, and our world is the richer for it. It’s the nature of the artist to interpret, and since this particular […]

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Ogden Nash said “The trouble with a kitten is that eventually it becomes a cat.” Does that include the cutest kitten ever? Probably. We’re not the foremost experts on cat breeds. Apologies here for not even trying. But we do know cute when we see it, and these little felines are about as cute as they come. What follows is our list of the 14 […]

How To Get Out Of Jury Duty

Nothing Throws Off Our Work Mojo Quicker Than Being Summoned By Our Judicial System. That’s Why We’ve Put Together These Helpful Tricks For How To Get Out Of Jury Duty, So You Can Let Someone Else Worry About It. Jury duty is a funny thing. Some can move to a new city and instantly be called, while others who’ve lived in that same area their […]

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What turns a normal video into a viral video? Does it have to be funny, eccentric, engaging, or all of the above? Out of the 7 most watched YouTube Videos of all time, only one is an amateur video. All the rest are professionally produced Vevo music videos by popular artists. Even if you don’t like all of these YouTube videos, it’s pretty hard to […]

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For More Than A Century, Movies Have Provided Escape, Comfort, Insight, And A Different Way Of Looking At Our World. It’s Tough Selecting The 10 Best Movie Quotes Ever From The Hundreds Of Thousands Made, But We’re Gonna Try! It’s tough to think about a great movie without some pretty amazing lines of dialogue or narrative coming to mind. The movie quotes we consider great […]

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If you have children, you may see yourself as a lot of things. Maybe a teacher and a friend. And while you may strive to be a good role model for your children, you may not see yourself as a financial role model. Being a financial role model for your children is a bigger deal than you may think. The way we manage money influences […]

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There is a buzz  on the inter webs concerning discover student loans. The cost of college is rising across the nation, and for many college-bound students, a student loan is the only way to achieve a higher education. Sure, some students work and pay their own way through school or rely on financial help from parents. But for many college students, this simply isn’t an option. Federal […]


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, spring has arrived. Depending on where you live, you might be flooded with peas, asparagus, and strawberries, and already looking forward to stone fruits and corn on the cob, or you might be watching the thermometer hover around 50° and longing for something besides radishes to show up at the farmer’s market. The anticipation that comes along […]

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Who doesn’t want a bigger savings account? With more money in the bank, you can take more vacations, pay off debt, make home improvements and even purchase a house. Unfortunately, saving money is easier easier said than done. Many people have good intentions, but when it comes to actually saving, they drop the ball. It’s not entirely their fault. Nothing in this world is designed to make […]