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Southern California native and resident (yes, I am a vegetarian and no, it never, ever rains here). Freelance writer/editor. Proud owner of an overweight cat, an athletic husband and a hybrid Camry.
announcing pregnancy

You have an exciting secret, and you’re ready to tell the world … you’re pregnant! But rather than just blurting out the words you so long to share, you’d rather take a more creative approach. Check out these five creative ways to tell your friends, family, and significant other that you’re expecting. 1. Photo shoot If a picture paints a thousand words, then what better […]

8 Healthy Fast Food Meals

With so many tempting high-calorie food options at our disposal, it can be really tough to eat healthy all the time in our modern world. The problem is compounded if you’re short on time or money, or you have a car full of hungry kids. For these reasons, many people end up turning to fast food for fuel, even when they are trying to watch […]


When it comes to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, it’s true that you can’t have it all. It may be impossible to find someone who is a good dresser, has the same musical tastes as you, is filthy rich, and is a dead ringer for your favorite movie star. Nevertheless, there are certain key qualities you should demand in a life partner, because accepting anything […]


You’ve got a growing baby bump and, naturally, you want to do everything you can to protect it. Yet, in our modern world, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to avoid potentially dangerous toxins and chemicals altogether. It’s a common experience for a woman who has discovered she is pregnant to take a closer look at the products in their shower, medicine cabinet, and makeup bag […]

dream scape

Though we all experience them on a nightly basis, dreams are mysterious occurrences; even scientists who study the brain have not been able to determine exactly why we dream. There are many different theories of dream interpretation, but most generally agree that dreams symbolize hidden aspects of our lives; dreams are a way for us to recognize and process our unconscious fears, desires, and beliefs. […]


Do you often daydream about flying off into the deep blue yonder, but don’t think you have the funds to make your aviation dreams come true? Sure, you could get airborne by taking a helicopter tour or hot air balloon ride for a few hundred dollars, but it’s not the same as piloting your own aircraft. Well, it might just be cheaper to take that […]


Food poisoning is a nasty illness to come down with, especially when it is serious and/or if you are away from home when it happens. You may encounter this disease when you eat or drink food or water that has been contaminated by viral, bacterial, or parasitic agents. Much of the time, food poisoning can be treated with home-care measures, but sometimes, medical intervention may […]

fight a cold

It usually starts with a tickle in your throat and a slight feeling of being “unwell.” But within only a day or two, it becomes a full-blown invasion of your upper-respiratory tract, complete with a raging-fire sore throat, oozing, inflamed sinuses, and a nasty cough. If severe enough, it can even lead to a secondary infection of the sinuses or lungs (pneumonia), disrupting your life […]


When choosing the best winter food to tide you over for the long winter, there are a few important criteria to look for. For one, the food should be in season, and if possible, locally grown, so it will be at its freshest and most delicious. Winter food should also keep you warm and give you energy to help you get through the darkest days […]


Whether you’re considering trying to get pregnant for the first time, or you have been trying to conceive for a while without success, it is a good idea to review some tips that can increase your likelihood of conceiving.  Besides helping you conceive, many of these tips, such as getting the right nutrients and reaching a healthy weight, also help set the stage for a […]