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What makes a tune stand out amongst so many others, or enables it to stand the test of time and span of generations? Most importantly, how does a song become dubbed as “one of the greatest of all time”, seemingly immortalized? Maybe it’s the duration that it dominates the U.S. Billboard charts. Maybe it’s how the song helps define our culture. Perhaps it’s the millions […]

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Quotes about love may be wise, romantic, and even humorous. Some will remind us of love that shouldn’t be taken for granted. A few will make us laugh at those moments when love is tested. And other quotes just simply add that extra touch to our Valentine’s Day cards. Below you’ll find 100 romantic and humorous (but not too cheesy) love quotes for your entertainment. 1. “Tell […]

Antique shave from a barber

There was a time when shaving was not seen as a chore. It was gratifying, a tradition even, passed down from father to son. But today, in a world full of multi-million dollar marketing campaigns and an urge to get through the day as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, the art of shaving is a lost skill. Today, shaving is simply a $13-billion industry in […]

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As powerful as inspirational quotes can be, sometimes we just need a bit of humor to lighten up our day. For those occasions, funny quotes and one-liners are quite effective, especially when they poke fun at our everyday annoyances, whether it be politics, work, aging or marriage. Not content with finding these humorous quotes on only bumper stickers, we set out to put together a […]

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Whether you’re training to become the next Mr. Olympia, or just fed up with co-workers taking your lunch, supplements can give you the upper hand when in the gym. And if you think supplements are only for those who envy Arnold Schwarzenegger, you may want to reconsider. Bodybuilding, and weight training in general leads to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Benefits of increased strength and muscle […]

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It’s midwinter, freezing cold outside and the sun is barely up. You’re already 30 minutes late for work. You hustle to your car, jam the keys into the ignition and proceed to start the car, but it responds with nothing but dead silence. Just then you realize you left your interior light on all night and your car battery is dead. Not a big deal […]

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Good quotes are often powerful words of wisdom that inspire, educate and even motivate a person to take action. They usually share common themes such as: Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes Failure is a stepping stone to success Help yourself by helping others Determination, initiative and persistence are the foundation of success And yet these lessons of life are typically condensed into 1-2 lines. Therefore […]