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Aric Mitchell has dropped his rat pellets of knowledge all across the Internet. As a journalist, an educator, a businessman and an author, he has written about everything from city bored meetings (and he does mean bored) to horror stories, which share more in common than one might think. At any time of the day, Aric could be waxing philosophic about movies, books, Shark Tank, MMA and other men's interests, or he could be working on his next horror novel.
7 TV Remakes You Probably Forgot

We live in a world of reboots and remakes, but apparently it’s always been that way. Don’t believe us? Just check out these 7 TV remakes you probably forgot about and tell us death of originality is a new thing. 1. The Munsters Today Completely new cast takes over for the classic crew of Fred Gwynne, Al Lewis and Yvonne De Carlo. Surprisingly, the new […]

Leaving Your Job Better Than You Found It

The last six years have been pretty rough for the job market, so if you’re among the few movers and shakers who are actually heading up the ladder instead of falling off it, then you probably have a good handle on professionalism and what it can mean to your future. You know that even if you’re leaving a job, it’s good practice not to burn […]

5 Signs It’s Time To Change Apartments

The desire to change apartments seems impossible when you first get settled in to your new place, but it’s not long before the new usually wears off and you start dreaming about the next step: becoming a homeowner. But some tenants don’t have to get to that stage before they’re ready to get out of dodge, and we can’t always blame them for feeling that […]

Writing Career: Why It's The Suckiest, Most Rewarding Profession

Want a writing career? There are some things you’ll need to know before you set out down this path. First, some good news. I’ve been doing it full-time for six years, and am by no means a great writer. Translation: you don’t have to be to earn a living. Now the bad news: despite the opportunities available, very few make it in this business. (And […]

5 Reasons To Kill Your Teen Texting Plan

His hood adorns his head to conceal his eyes shifting downward. His body remains stone-still in an effort to fool you even as those thumbs are going 90-to-nothing. Teen texting. He’s not fooling you or anyone else when he tries to be discreet about it, yet he insists on the ruse because, at some level, he remains aware it’s something he shouldn’t be doing in […]

7 Most Useful iOS 7 Hacks For Productive People

More iOS 7 hacks are starting to make the Internet rounds. We’re not going to attempt impressing and wowing you with something you didn’t know before. Instead, we’re going to pick out the seven additions to iPhone and iPad’s young software that have helped us become a lot more productive. You may know about some of these. You may not. The point is: each will […]

Soul Crushing Moments Of Film And Television Breaking Bad

Soul crushing moments probably aren’t what you’re looking forward to when you turn on a television show or go to the movies, but if there’s one thing the entertainment world has taught us over the years, it’s that some of the best moments come with a heap of shock and sadness. While there have been numerous downer endings or surprise death scenes over the years, […]

Star trek original series

Television isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s much better. Anyone who’s seen Breaking Bad or The Sopranos would have to agree with that. Nevertheless, each generation has had its share of awesomeness that went away a little too early. As we head in to the downtime of the season, here are some TV shows that ended too soon. 1. Deadwood HBO’s western […]

movie vllains

In the history of movies and TV, never once have we fallen in love with a great protagonist without first going head-over-heels for his adversary. That is to say, no hero can be awesomely good without facing a villain who’s awesomely bad. Condensing all the ne’er-do-wells into a short list like this one may seem like a challenge, but once you meet this axis of […]

scarey christmas movies

The 12 days of Christmas for most scary movie fans should come with a heaping helping of holiday horror. Lord knows there’s enough material for a flick each night, and then some. We’ve put together our top dozen Christmas horror flicks to frighten your holiday (if you’re up for the challenge). Caution: if you can’t handle killer Santas, dead Santas, and a crazy woman with […]