16 Ways To Reduce Cholesterol

1. Get More Exercise

Image source: hopedogrescue.blogspot.com

Moderate and vigorous daily exercise can lower your cholesterol, according to most public health organizations. Walking, jogging, biking and even gardening for 30 minutes a day fits this category. You can break up the routine into ten-minute intervals throughout the day and you’ll still get the cholesterol-busting effect, says one cardiologist. Park your car farther from your destination, take the stairs instead of the elevator or take the dog for an extra spin around the block. These are simple ways to add movement to your day. However, a more intense workout might be better. A 2002 study found that these types of workouts were more effective at lowering cholesterol than moderate routines.

2. Choose Dark Chocolate

Image source: healthscopers.com

Studies show that chocolate offers several health benefits. In a study that tested the cholesterol effects of white chocolate versus dark chocolate, the darker version lowered “bad” cholesterol (LDL) by 20% and increased “good” cholesterol (HDL) by 20%. Scientists think it’s because of flavonoids. Dark chocolate contains more of these plant-based antioxidants than the lighter counterparts. Another study saw a 24% increase in HDL (remember, that’s the good kind) after consuming cocoa powder for 12 weeks. If you are going to implement this cholesterol-busting strategy, choose dark or bittersweet chocolate for greatest benefits and eat in moderation.