16 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism

1. Red Pepper Flakes

red chili pepper flakes
Image source: askruth.blogspot.com

Adding red pepper to your dishes causes your body to experience thermogenesis. This is a process of heat production in living organisms, and it causes metabolic rates to jump about 20% for 30 minutes. Unless you lose a bet, there is no reason to eat red pepper flakes by themselves. Sprinkle them on foods for added flavor and spice. Other spicy foods that produce thermogenesis include chilli peppers, horseradish, mustard, cinnamon, fennel seed, garlic, ginger, ginseng, guarana, and turmeric.

2. Blueberries

Basket-of-blueberries (1)
Image source: www.blueberrycouncil.org

A cup of blueberries has only 80 calories, virtually no fat, and lots of dietary fiber. They’re also packed full of antioxidants which indirectly increase metabolism. When the body undergoes a process called oxidation, free radicals are formed, and these little bandits steal electrons from cells. The electron-deficient cell is opened to a host of potential problems. Antioxidants, like those found in blueberries, neutralize and remove free radicals before they steal, allowing cells to work and grow normally. This allows your metabolism to work much more efficiently.