10 Incredible Benefits Of Probiotics

1. Mood

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Research shows that problems in your gut can negatively impact your mental health and lead to depression or anxiety. The reason could be because of the vast number of neurons, normally associated with the brain, that reside in your gut! These include the cells that produce serotonin. The greatest concentration of this mood-controlling serotonin is in your intestines! That makes the gut-brain connection regarding mood a two-way street. Preliminary research indicates that consuming probiotics may reduce negative thoughts associated with being in a sad mood. One study found that people who took probiotics for 30 days experienced lower levels of psychological distress.

2. Weight

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A study on 210 people with belly fat discovered that taking Lactobacillus gasseri (L. gasseri) for 12 weeks had several positive effects. It reduced belly fat by 8.5%, body weight, fat around organs, BMI, waist size and hip circumference. You can get this powerful probiotic if you eat fermented foods like kefir (fermented milk), sauerkraut, kimchi, lassi, natto, miso, and tempeh or organic yogurt that says “live active cultures” on the package. It’s also available as a supplement.



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