Here Is How You Make Ad Money Blogging

1. Start

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A good and obvious place to start is to decide what you want to blog about. Your next thought should be to determine your niche (topic) or demographic (audience). Excluding your mom, who is going to read your blog? After all, if you want to make money, you’re going to need readers. A whole lot of them. Are you going to write about hiking? (Niche) Or hiking in Colorado? (More specific niche) Are you going to write useful information for high school principals, southern housewives, or middle aged men, for example? (demographics) You probably already have a rough idea of who your audience will be. The next step will help you make sure they read your blog.


2. Keywords

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You can write the most informative, entertaining blog in the world, but if nobody’s searching for it, who’s going to read it? Does your topic get traffic? Visit Semrush to find out how many times it was searched. The results will help you decide which keywords to use, what to call your blog, or whether you need to tweak the name or to choose a new topic…if the results are low. Blog Tyrant recommends using Market Samurai and Majestic SEO to see what keywords and backlinks your competitors are going after. Analyzing keywords before you start writing might make the difference between a profitable blog or one that sits alone and unread in the blogging universe.