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The essence of any good bucket list consists of overcoming fears, achieving goals, realizing dreams and even simple pleasures. Whether it’s an exotic adventure half-way around the world or something simpler, like spending more time with your family or friends, what matters is that you experience all the good and phenomenal things Earth offers.

Here you’ll find 225 things to do before you die. Sure, a few of them are what some might consider to be cliché, but we made it a priority to think mostly outside the box.


Let’s face it: we all love to gossip. It’s fun, irresistible, and… so wrong. It’s so wrong that some of us actually try to keep our lips sealed to avoid hurting the people being gossiped about. However, even the most virtuous among us can’t help but perk up our ears whenever a new piece of juicy gossip surfaces. Even though gossiping can be so bad […]


Do you have the skills you need to be your own publicist? Whether you’re a small business owner or you’re looking for a new job, you need to be able to effectively promote yourself to a target audience. Unfortunately, for many people, self-promotion does not come naturally. Publicists wear many hats, and you need to feel comfortable in all of them in order to be […]


Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to generate click-throughs to your website, leads, and sales. However, creating the content for your email marketing newsletters can be time consuming if you write it yourself or expensive if you pay someone to write it for you. Within the last couple of years, a number of free and affordable tools have launched that make […]

social media

How good are your social media marketing efforts? Whether you’re leveraging social media marketing to build your personal brand for career development or to build a business brand to increase sales and revenues, you need to take a step back and examine your social media marketing strategy and initiatives to ensure they’re truly delivering the results you need. In other words, you need to perform […]


Everyone experiences life in a very unique way. While many of us strive to make ends meet, others try to become rich or make their dreams come true. But at the end of the day most of us want to be happy! Here are a dozen practical tips that will make you smile… 1.Watch Your Words “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; […]


You’ve written an ebook and you’re proud of your work. You’re ready to release it to the world, but you don’t know where to start. How do you raise awareness of your ebook among your target audience, and how do you convince people to download it? If your ebook has a price tag, it’s even harder to motivate people to pay for it. Thanks to […]

mortgage early

If you’re thinking about buying a home, you might cringe at the thought of spending the next 30 years paying off a mortgage loan. This is a major commitment, but given the price of homes, there aren’t many other options. Some people pay cash for their homes and live mortgage-free. This isn’t reality for the majority of buyers, and if you’re looking to make a […]

spring brunch recipes

While fall is perfect for cozy nighttime dinner parties with plenty of hot spiked cider and big bowls of steaming stew, and summer is made for casual evenings sitting around the grill with a cold one as the dusk gathers, spring and brunch seem made for one another. While obviously brunch is a great meal anytime of year, the warm sunny mornings, sudden abundance of […]


You might think of spring training as something only professional athletes go through as winter gives way to kinder days. Yet, many of us embark on a spring training program every year as the realization comes that in just a few months we’ll no longer have sweaters and jackets to hide our pale and possibly paunchy bodies. Along with this realization often comes another: “I […]

white paper2

White papers have been around for a very long time, but only a small number of white papers are actually successful at driving results for the companies that publish them. There is an art and a science to crafting compelling white papers that effectively deliver the company’s desired messages in a form that people actually want to read. Making things even more challenging is the […]