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The essence of any good bucket list consists of overcoming fears, achieving goals, realizing dreams and even simple pleasures. Whether it’s an exotic adventure half-way around the world or something simpler, like spending more time with your family or friends, what matters is that you experience all the good and phenomenal things Earth offers.

Here you’ll find 225 things to do before you die. Sure, a few of them are what some might consider to be cliché, but we made it a priority to think mostly outside the box.


“Let me just get on Facebook first!” Two hours later and you’re still scrolling down the blue-white feed… Sounds familiar? Most of us are guilty of it. Whether it’s social media, TV, sleep – procrastination blocks our progress towards our goals. The following list of tips will help you fight procrastination and move into definite action today! 1. Spot Your Enemies We all have enemies […]

en vogue

It’s amazing how a certain song or band can take you back to a simpler time. A time of fewer wrinkles, firmer bodies, and a greater sense of clarity in what you wanted out of life. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, give it 10 years and you will. Well, maybe revisiting that time in your life isn’t possible, but it’s sure worth […]

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When you start a new job, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There is so much to learn–from policies and procedures to personalities and behaviors–that new employees often don’t know where to begin. Too frequently, employers don’t offer adequate on-boarding training, and new employees are left floundering, making mistakes, and wasting time. You can avoid being one of those confused new employees by preparing in advance, […]


Got your eye on an amazing girl, but too nervous to sweep her off of her feet? If the very thought of asking her out on a date makes you hyperventilate, you came to the right place. We’re here to show you how even the shyest person can muster up enough confidence and charm to ask a girl out… and get a “yes”. Asking a […]


Food poisoning is a nasty illness to come down with, especially when it is serious and/or if you are away from home when it happens. You may encounter this disease when you eat or drink food or water that has been contaminated by viral, bacterial, or parasitic agents. Much of the time, food poisoning can be treated with home-care measures, but sometimes, medical intervention may […]


With hundreds of millions of users, it can be difficult to find people to follow on Twitter whom you actually want to connect with. If you want to leverage Twitter for networking, extending your online reach, or building your brand or business, then you need to find the right people to follow. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time and your own Twitter feed will be filled […]


If you have the chance to apply for internships when you’re in college, do it. The experience is incredibly valuable. You’ll have the chance to learn from experienced professionals, and you’ll get a taste for the type of job you will or will not like to have after graduation. Furthermore, you’ll gather experience that many other recent graduates don’t have, and that internship not only […]

romance movies

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a good old-fashioned movie romance? (Sorry, guys, it’s her day, and we doubt she’s going to be up for My Bloody Valentine.) Here to make sure your day is an entertaining one, Life’d now takes a look at the 10 Greatest Romance Movies of All Time.   1. The Notebook […]


Infographics have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years because they’re very effective at turning complex data into easy-to-understand visual representations. Images are more popular than ever online, and infographic design and development has become a lucrative business. If you don’t have the budget to hire an infographic designer or agency to help you create a data visualization, then you need to […]


Breaking up is tough. In fact, a break up can be so devastating that it incurs ill feelings, overwhelming loneliness, and the desire to stay in bed all day with a tub of moose tracks ice cream. If you’re going through a traumatic break up, rest assured that you’re not alone. In fact, you’re far from alone. Many hearts are broken every day, and many […]