cutest kitten

Ogden Nash said “The trouble with a kitten is that eventually it becomes a cat.” Does that include the cutest kitten ever? Probably. We’re not the foremost experts on cat breeds. Apologies here for not even trying. But we do know cute when we see it, and these little felines are about as cute as they come. What follows is our list of the 14 […]

bad cat

Your Furry Feline Friend May Have Won Your Heart, But We’re Sticking With These Reasons Not To Own A Cat Because, As You’re About To See, Behind Every Kitty Is A Clawed Demon From Hell Waiting To Steal Your Soul. 1. They Have Claws And A Predatory Nature. One of the major disadvantages of owning a cat is that they have claws like that guy Bruce […]

Two English Bulldogs

Man’s best friend can become man’s worst enemy if you pick a dog breed that doesn’t suit your lifestyle, personality and environment. While there is no way to guarantee that a certain breed will be a perfect fit for you, there are some basic things to take into consideration when picking out a canine companion. Doing a little research and examining your lifestyle will help […]

Children with animals lying down on the carpet

A lot of people get nervous when they have to go to the doctor. But imagine how much more terrifying a doctor visit would be if it meant traveling to an intimidating and unfamiliar setting to have an enormous stranger poke and prod at you for, seemingly, no good reason. Oh, and don’t forget that in the waiting room, other patients will be sniffing you, […]