When it comes to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, it’s true that you can’t have it all. It may be impossible to find someone who is a good dresser, has the same musical tastes as you, is filthy rich, and is a dead ringer for your favorite movie star. Nevertheless, there are certain key qualities you should demand in a life partner, because accepting anything […]


Imagine this: you just got engaged. Cue the fireworks, pop the champagne, and sound the trumpets! You and your partner brace yourselves for the oncoming slew of “congratulations” and “oohs” and “ahhs” over the dazzling engagement ring. Once all the excitement dies down, you immediately roll up your sleeves and jump into wedding planning mode. Your life suddenly turns into a big blur of appointments, […]

Couple cooking together

There are few human experiences as incredible as the emotions we feel when starting a new relationship. Inevitably, the initial euphoria will recede and hopefully, be replaced by stability and content. Equally inevitable is the fact that any relationship will fall into familiar patterns that can be difficult to break. When you find yourself and your partner stuck in a rut, try these six simple […]