As teenagers approach adulthood, many parents see this as the perfect time to teach responsible money habits. They might open a bank account for their teens, or require that their teenagers get a part-time job. Both actions can teach kids the value of money, as well as teach them how to budget and save. Along with this financial education, some parents toy with whether to […]


Talking to your kids about credit cards might be the last thought on your mind. It might be years before they apply for their own credit, and if they’re a little older, you may assume they already know everything about credit. But ask yourself: How much did you know when you applied for your first account? A little? A lot? Absolutely nothing? Many people learn […]

Credit card application - denied

In a world where credit cards are accepted everywhere and pre-approved credit card offers are run-of-the-mill, you may mistakenly view credit as a basic entitlement. But if you apply for a credit card only to receive a rejection letter a couple of weeks later, this experience will snap you back to reality. Credit isn’t a basic right, but credit card companies do have the right […]

Credit application

Credit is a funny thing. When you need it the most, you often don’t qualify. When you don’t need it at all, everyone wants to give it to you. Nevertheless, you can’t blame lenders for scrutinizing your creditworthiness before extending you credit: They simply want some sort of guarantee that you won’t take their money and run. And the best indication of creditworthiness is a […]

Student holding credit card

Students, listen closely. In this article we discuss some of the best student cards you can get. If this is your first credit card, a student card is the way to go. They can help you build credit, and the best part about it is this: banks know you’re still building credit, so you can qualify for most student cards without a credit score. There are […]

Credit cards and pen

We all want a great credit score. It can open up so many opportunities. You need credit to take out a car loan, buy your first home, and go back to school. The problem is, many of us don’t know how to get that coveted score. Sure, we know some things, like you should pay your bills and not declare bankruptcy if you can help […]