choosing a bank

Some people don’t give much thought to choosing a bank. They might choose a bank that’s closest to their home or work. And if they’re eligible for membership with a local credit union, they may go in this direction. However, choosing the right bank involves much more. Banks aren’t the same, and if you don’t ask key questions, you may select a financial institution that […]

Woman buying a car

Damaged credit can significantly impact your financing opportunities. A mortgage lender may laugh at your application. And if applying for work in the finance industry, some employers will not consider your application upon checking your credit score. But while bad credit is the kiss of death in many situations, it’s not entirely impossible to secure an auto loan on damaged credit. Opportunities are scarce, but […]

House keys on blueprint

With mortgage interest rates hovering between 3.5% and 4%, there has never been a better time to move up or jump into homeownership. The interest rate on your home loan dictates your monthly mortgage obligation, and when rates drop, you can lock in a low, affordable payment. But while low rates entice many to take out a loan, getting a mortgage approval is easier said […]