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It’s Good To Stand For Something, But These Activist Celebrities Can Be So Obnoxious About How They Do It We Automatically Want To Support The Opposing View. 1. Rush Limbaugh Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is one of the Activist Celebrities, who has a LOT of enemies in the mainstream media, particularly left-of-center. Often decrying news outlets like CNN and MSNBC, Limbaugh’s points are frequently overshadowed […]

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These Politicians And Their Political Scandals Showed Questionable Moral Character And Leadership, But Voters Didn’t Care. 1. The Keating Five Of the biggest scandals of a political nature, the Keating Five stand out. Senator John McCain, a Republican, and four Democratic senators — John Glenn, Donald W. Riegle, Jr., Dennis DeConcini, and Alan Cranston — proved that money talks even if the one doling it out […]