8 Healthy Fast Food Meals

With so many tempting high-calorie food options at our disposal, it can be really tough to eat healthy all the time in our modern world. The problem is compounded if you’re short on time or money, or you have a car full of hungry kids. For these reasons, many people end up turning to fast food for fuel, even when they are trying to watch […]

delicious food blogs

As Internet giant Yahoo Buys Tumblr in a $1.1 billion deal, there’s no better time to get familiar with this amazing blogging network. As much as Tumblr is massive its content is virtually unknown to many of us. To kick it off, here are 12 food tumblogs that will make your mouth water… Home Cooking & Recipes 1. Jittery Cook Jittery Cook is a skimmed down […]

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No matter how you might try to get around it with fad diets and cleanses, eating more raw vegetables is one of the very best ways to improve your health and diet. And, like it or not, leafy green salads are probably the fastest and easiest ways to consume your veggies. But salads consisting only of an anemic pile of greens and low-fat dressing are […]


When choosing the best winter food to tide you over for the long winter, there are a few important criteria to look for. For one, the food should be in season, and if possible, locally grown, so it will be at its freshest and most delicious. Winter food should also keep you warm and give you energy to help you get through the darkest days […]

Fruits and Veggies

Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Um, duh, fresh is always better than frozen!” Actually, that’s not true. Even though we are programmed to think that fresh fruits and vegetables are by default the best option, they’re not always superior to frozen or canned produce. While everyone can agree that fresh produce is more visually pleasing and easier to prepare, frozen produce actually contains a much […]

Man trying to concentrate

Do you know that feeling when you’re trying to read an article but your brain doesn’t react? Well, when it comes to brain function, nutrition can play a vital role. Picking the right foods can fuel your brain, help it function properly and improve your memory and focus. There are long-term benefits as well – some foods contain antioxidants and other nutrients that protect your […]

Cup of green tea

Ah, tea. What’s not to like about it? It’s delicious, it warms you up, and it’s one of the best things you could ever put into your body. Tea is chock full of natural substances that will improve your health in a lot of different ways. Although we’ve known for centuries that tea is associated with many health benefits, we’ve only just started to investigate […]

Woman with neck pain

Some things just don’t know when to quit: past-their-prime sitcoms; greedy, ineffectual CEOs; hurricane season, and … inflammation. Yes, inflammation. In the case of an injury or infection, inflammation is a good thing. It is the body’s effort to repair itself, the process by which white blood cells are rushed to the scene of the crime to begin mitigating damage. But when inflammation doesn’t know […]

Spoon of syrup

Have you heard of high-fructose corn syrup? It’s in everything, and it’s very, very bad for you. High-fructose corn syrup is a heavily processed sweetener found in all kinds of foods, including ice cream, soda, bread, and even salad dressing. Even though high-fructose corn syrup is one of the most common food ingredients, you should avoid it like the plague. Why? There’s nothing natural about […]

Bodybuilder posing

Whether you’re training to become the next Mr. Olympia, or just fed up with co-workers taking your lunch, supplements can give you the upper hand when in the gym. And if you think supplements are only for those who envy Arnold Schwarzenegger, you may want to reconsider. Bodybuilding, and weight training in general leads to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Benefits of increased strength and muscle […]