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​ Let’s face it: traveling for the holidays is no picnic, especially if you are traveling with kids. Whether you are traveling to see family, or to get away from family, we can all agree that you’ll enjoy yourself more if you can organize yourself and your family so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation. – Book early and book vacation packages instead […]


Got Wanderlust? Indeed, most people love traveling. While snapping your finger and getting to your favorite holiday destination is not always an option, Tumblr’s travel blogs are just a few clicks away. Due to Tumblr’s photo-centric nature, these blogs are a true visual feast. Now put some world music on and start your dream journey… Original Photography Travel Tumblogs 1.Freddie J. Ardley Photography 21 years […]


Have you ever seen Catwoman? It’s an arguably cheesy 2004 spin-off of the Batman film series featuring Halle Berry playing an ordinary woman who gains cat-like powers after running into some trouble. At one point, Halle Berry’s character, who has probably never ridden a motorcycle before in her life, jumps on a random Ducati Monster and immediately rips through the streets, maneuvering the bike like […]


Food poisoning is a nasty illness to come down with, especially when it is serious and/or if you are away from home when it happens. You may encounter this disease when you eat or drink food or water that has been contaminated by viral, bacterial, or parasitic agents. Much of the time, food poisoning can be treated with home-care measures, but sometimes, medical intervention may […]

shoot out

Ever caught yourself watching a western and thinking, “Oh man, that would have been so cool”? First, no. Shootouts at high noon may be fun until you’re the guy standing at the other end of the barrel. Secondly, why long for those days when you can just hit these 9 Wild West Vacation Spots to See Before You Die? You won’t even need a bulletproof […]

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This advice was first given hundreds and hundreds of years ago by St. Ambrose, the 4th century’s bishop of Milan. It still rings true to this day. When you’re in an unfamiliar place, it would be wise to act similar to the way the locals act. Not only is it the polite thing to do, it also […]


When the human body dies, we all know where it may end up – in an urn, a cemetery, or the bottom of the ocean, to name a few – but what about our material possessions? Do we really know where our things end up after they’ve ran their course? Don’t be so quick to assume that everything we discard is whisked away to the […]

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New Year’s Eve, among other things, is the ultimate excuse to party. However, it’s also a time to close out the old year in style, setting the standard for the New Year to come. What better way to welcome 2013 with a bang than by celebrating NYE at one of our top 10 New Year’s Eve destinations? Get started on your resolution to be fabulous […]

Christmas tree with fireplace in background

Is your holiday tradition getting a bit tired? Not looking forward to hauling out the same old plastic Christmas tree from the attic or having to open your door to the same group of off-key neighborhood carolers, year after year? Perhaps you dream of taking the family somewhere new and exciting for Christmas vacation, or maybe you just want a good excuse not to drive […]

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Jet lag can be a major bummer when traveling. You arrive at the airport, ready to take on everything the new destination has in store, yet your body just seems to be on a different page. Jet lag refers to the symptoms you experiences when your body’s circadian rhythms are disrupted by travel, switching time zones quickly from east to west, or west to east. […]