When it comes to eBook formatting and production, most authors have been led to believe it’s a more complicated procedure than it really is. With the use of a $45 program, you can eliminate dozens of formatting hours, (potentially) thousands of dollars to pay a professional, and a lot of frustration. All you need to know is How to Build a Professional eBook in 9 […]


Think you live in a totally free society? Ask the authors of these 7 Books that Were Banned in the U.S. To be fair, all of these books are now available, but considering many were written in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, we’re not far removed from when they were hard to come by. Not all were banned outright by the government. Some […]


Comics have undergone a resurgence thanks to digital sales, yet some otherwise technologically sound fanboys stick to the old ways. Add to that the fact that comics haven’t really been profitable despite their characters producing some of the highest grossing films of all time, and you’ve got the beginnings of a compelling argument for why we should stop keeping these things around in their current […]


Always dreamed of writing the Great American Novel, but aren’t sure where to start (or don’t have the patience)? Query letters, rejection slips, writer conferences that cost a small fortune to attend…forget all that. Becoming an author who makes money today is much easier than it was 20, or even 5, years ago. But get ready to wear more than one hat. After all, you’re […]

Woman reading book at beach

When choosing reading material for relaxing at the beach or lounging by the pool, odds are that you’re looking for a thrilling page-turner or something light and funny that you won’t have to think too hard about – War and Peace, not so much. That said, don’t we all have the goal of being more “well-read?” Unfortunately, chick lit and pulp thrillers can’t really help […]