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An adorable young scamp from the East Coast. When Harry’s not enacting grammatical violence on other people’s work, he’s avoiding crowds and yelling at kids to get off his lawn. Harry lives with his beautiful wife in an apartment complex that charges way too much for what they provide.
Checking email on mobile phone

It’s something we deal with every day and most of us are terrible at it. We put it off, we hide it, we flag it for later, but we never address it directly. I’m talking, of course, about email. Email is everywhere and for many of us, it’s our primary method of communication on the Internet. We may check our personal inboxes a few times […]

Twitter on the iPad

How’s that new iPad treating you? Have you found any good applications? You probably have, but you’ve also probably missed some fantastic ones. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the iTunes App Store and finding the great ones can be difficult. But don’t worry – here are 50 must-have apps for every walk of life, from traveler, to gamer, to professional that you can download […]

Customer support reps

Maybe your washing machine is broken, or perhaps the mold removal crew that was supposed to spray down your basement has stood you up three times in two months. Maybe you just have really bad luck when it comes to products and services. Regardless, there are things you can do to take control of the customer service experience and get the results you need. Here […]

Two men podcasting

Not everyone has the education and experience necessary to warrant their own professionally-produced, nationally-syndicated radio show on a popular FM station (laugh it up, Ira Glass…laugh it up…). However, there are ways for you to get your voice to the people by way of the vast series of tubes we’re all familiar with: the Internet. Podcasts are Internet radio shows named after a certain Cupertino […]

Man thinking about blogging

Everyone’s got a blog these days and depending on your topic of choice, you can make a pretty sizeable name for yourself online. Now, you probably won’t garner any accolades by just picking a site and writing right out of the gate. To save you the hassle of narrowing down a service from dozens of choices, here are the top seven blogging platforms available today, […]

Man in suit with Superman shirt

The office can be a dangerous place. Things spill, buttons pop and wounds happen. Rather than having to MacGyver something out of Scotch tape and plastic forks from the office pantry, pick up the items on this list so you’re prepared for anything your workplace throws at you. 1. Deodorant You’re a busy person, always on the go, running from meeting to meeting. What happens […]

Hands holding iPad over table

I recently had a logic board problem that left me without my MacBook Pro for a week. I felt like I’d just lost a limb, as my laptop is my daily driver, the machine that gets me from “idea A” to “blog post B” quickly and efficiently. What was a cynical, misanthropic tech blogger to do? Should I borrow my wife’s four year-old MacBook for […]

iPhone battery life

We live by our iPhones. We’re constantly checking email, tweeting, updating Facebook and on occasion, getting some work done on them. They are (for better or worse) at the center of our lives almost all day, so it’s important to make sure they stay alive all day, too. If you’re a habitual Angry Bird-er, or you just need to make it to the end of […]