15 Tips To Get To January 1st Without Gaining Weight

1. Don’t Fast Before Feasting

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Fasting seems like a logical way to balance the calories you’re going to eat. But starving yourself leads to stuffing yourself, especially in a room full of delicious, free food, and if you’re famished, your eyes will be even bigger. You might wind up eating more than the combined amount of the meals you missed. And while I have your eyes, fasting for weight loss is unproven. Water weight is the only thing you’ll shed at first, and that is not your goal. Plus, according to Web MD, fasting for appearance-purposes can cause more harm than good and wind up leading to weight increases because your metabolism slows down.


2. Eat What You Want

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Hmm. This one you gotta take with a grain of salt and weigh it against how well you know yourself. Obesity expert, Tim Church, MD, suggests not using finesse at the buffet table. See what foods are available, and then take the food you really want, even if it’s something you would normally avoid. What Church is trying to prevent you from doing is eating the other food as a strategy to fill you up and make you not want your not-so-healthy first desire anymore. In truth and in practice, what happens is you’ll probably wind up eating both foods. So go for what you want first. Just eat it in moderation.